It's Never Too Late: A Greener Spring Cleaning!

Summer is just around the corner, but if you haven't started the dreaded "spring cleaning" yet, there is still time! And let's face it. If you only clean your home in the spring, you have problems!

Commercial cleaners are incredibly hazardous. They are toxic to breath in, and when they go down your drain, they go right into the soil. This go'round, try making your own cleaner! Seriously. It's not that hard, and it's more cost effective. If you still don't want to make-your-own, at least by greener brands like Seventh Generation and/or Mrs. Meyers. To hell with Mr. Clean!

Click Here for some really AWESOME Homemade Cleaners!

I personally love cleaning with lemons. They're great for disinfecting and they smell great too!


Make It Green

Do you have any green ideas? Submit your genius eco-friendly lifesavers here. If your idea is chosen, not only will you see your brilliance on store shelves, but you'll also win $2500 and a share of the profits! You could also be featured on Everyday Edisons TV show. There is a 10 dollar fee, but if you have an awesome idea just go for it already!

If you don't have any ideas of your own, don't worry. Just vote for your favorite and help a fellow greenie out!


Green Tip #7

On a much greener note, lets put the shit show that is gossip behind us for the rest of the day and focus on some real issues people. Issues like, what are you eating for dinner tonight?

Green Tip:
Find out how green your weekly menu is by checking out this awesome Eating Green Calculator from the Center For Science In The Public Interest (phew). Here you will find out how much grain, water, pesticides, fertillizer, and manure is utilized in the production of your food. So the green tip after you figure this out is: eat less meat products. Either pick a day to go full vegetarian, or just cut down on the consumption on average. A lot of people think that vegetarianism is just a cry for animal rights but it's not. It's also a cry for the human race's future existence in this world. I love me a good steak. But when I think about what was put into the making of it, I'm a bit put off.


Leave the Tea to Me!

I stopped drinking coffee ( -cold turkey- ) on December 1st, 2008. I can't really say why exactly. I think I realized that I didn't have any for a full week and said to myself, "Ok, let's try another week!" The rest is history. It wasn't as bad as the experts tell you (for me at least). I didn't have headaches or anything like that, but that's probably because I still had that caffeine fix via tea. I drink all kinds of tea, but I mainly drink yerba mate. I read about it in a health magazine (I think SHAPE). I'm all for the latest "fat burning" "magical wonder" so why not! And I have to hand it to the yerba mate. I have energy galore, I don't crash at 4pm nor do I need more tea then, and it helps speed things up with a healthy diet and exercise plan. Going off coffee also made my skin glow and it has nice tone! But recently, I discovered a Mighty Leaf White Tea that is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I haven't even tried adding lemon or agave syrup to it (which yerba mate needs to be super tasty), and it's fabulous au naturale!

White tea has been in the news recently. Experts are calling it the "New Green Tea." Here is an interesting look at its benefits:

*****NBC Washington*****
A new study published by the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism says the herbal wonder may be a miracle brew.

Not only does it increase your metabolism and prevent new fat cells from forming, it may also help prevent cancer, improve your skin and fight other signs of aging, according to the study.

South Florida fitness experts and customers are raving about the weight loss benefits.

"You can lose up to one pound a week," fitness expert Robert Vasquez, with NutritionSmart in Pembroke Pines, said. I definitely suggest white tea for losing weight compared to the other tea. It's three times more effective."

Some experts say if you drink four cups of white tea a day and change nothing about your diet, you can lose between four to eight pounds in a year. With 32 percent of Americans categorized as obsese, people may be putting down the green and picking up the white.

White tea comes from the same plants as green tea, but it is less processed. White tea is more effective, according to the study, because its ingredients are active on human cells and it contains a high concentration of antioxidants.

*****NBC Washington*****

Back to the awesome tea that I found...

Mighty Leaf's White Orchard Tea, is a delicate pure WHITE TEA from China. It is infused with a harmonious blend of melon and peach. I bought the silk tea bags at Whole Foods, and after one sip, I looked up Mighty Leaf online and bought the loose leaf as well.


The best part about loose leaf tea, is that the final brew is 100 times more flavorful and the way you prepare it is the green way to brew because it involves far less electricity than you think! Invest in a French Press (this is even for you coffee drinkers!), boil some water, and let the loose tea (or coffee) sit in the press for 4-5 minutes. Your brew will stay hot for a while too, so don't worry. Tea time!!


Famous Greenies of the Week:

Ok, I know I gave the spotlight to Daryl Hannah yesterday, but this new campaign to save the rainforests deserves A LOT of attention. The number of rainforests that are destroyed per second at the top of the webpage is alarming!! Prince Charles himself launched the campaign, and many celebrities show their support. Bravo! I also have to think about how ever since Al Gore shed his light on the "Climate Change"subject, the issue has become mainstream. Let's do this! 

The list is long when it comes to the harmful things that destroy the rainforests. I mentioned one of them yesterday.

After exploring the website more, I can across a soon to be an opportunity for all of us to make our own videos with that cute little frog! Sign up now to be on the list for the details. I smell a competition between my readers! I'll keep you in the loop!

Green Tip #5:

Skip your lunch today and donate the money you would have spent to City Harvest

The greenie (and health nut) that I try very hard to be on a daily basis doesn't buy lunch. I brown bag it. Ok, that's a lie. I don't technically "brown bag it" because bringing your lunch in plastic or any type of one-time-use-only product is not the best. So far I've been bringing along my tupperware, but I am in need of a bag to hold it all together without using plastic. I've recently invested in these cute eco-friendly lunch sacks from Green-Kits.com. I'll give you the consumer review once they arrive! I recommend looking into the eco-friendly shopping bags too. While these bags are more expensive than the ones you can get from your grocer... they are actually made with organic/pesticide-free cotton!


Burger Math!

I thought that this was a very interesting equation.

click pic to zoom in

Famous Greenie of the Week:

Daryl Hannah:

Although she hasn't made headlines recently (or many successful films since Kill Bill: Vol. 2 - awesome!), Daryl gets special kudos. I was just reminded of her tree protest recently.


Green Tip #4:

Don't Buy Bottled Water!!

Obviously in a pinch and you are dehydrated, buy the water. But as a daily rule, try to carry around a reusable water bottle (look out for the #7 on the bottom of the bottle if it's plastic, those can be toxic!).

Here are some reasons to skip the Evians of the world:

-Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.
-That plastic requires up to 47 million gallons of oil per year to produce.
- On an annual basis, the typical American consumer spends $1,400 on bottle water. That could be in your savings or spent on a great vacation!

And if you are super picky about taste and worried about toxins, buy a water filter and call it a day!