How {Big} Does Your Garden Grow?

One little seedling planted by 11-year-old Katie Stagliano, and then this 4o pound cabbage appeared. She donated it to a soup kitchen, and it fed 275 people! Pretty amazing.

What has your garden done?

Read the full story here!


Alice's Tea Cup!

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland inspires a lot of us to dream. That certainly can be said of the owners and masters behind Alice's Tea Cup in NYC. A tea mecca filled with magical scones, delicious breakfast and lunch foods, and sweets galore! I recently had the Bigger Breakfast there and it was so delicious and enchanting that I pretty much went into a state euphoria after consuming all of the treats. Or maybe it was just the after effects of stuffing one's face. Either way, this little shop is not to be missed!

There are 3 Alice's Tea Cups in the city, or Chapters rather.
I went to Chapter 2 on 64th and Lexington. I've read that this is best one to visit.

Nestled on a beautiful Upper East Side side street,
you walk down the stairs into the wonderland.

The decorations are simple, plain to the eye at first, and then you notice the little details.

Unique and eclectic china on every table. No tea cup is part of a set.

The tea: Brewed to perfection- steeped 3-7 minutes in with double filtered water. From English Breakfast to African Dew, to the house blend called Alice's, imagine any tea and it will be brought to you. I tried the house blend Alice's:

A blend of Indian Black Vanilla Tea with Japanese Green Tea and Rose Petals.
With a touch of cream it is so subtle and smooth!

Scones, pancakes, crepes with nutella, eggs- it's all here for Breakfast and Brunch.
We enjoyed the Bigger Breakfast, which was BIG.

Scrumptious scrambled eggs with a little cheddar.

A wonderfully warm buttermilk scone with sweet butter and jam.

Vanilla yogurt with fresh berries.

It's honestly 3 breakfasts in one for 17 dollars. And it's delicious!

I would recommend sharing a bigger breakfast with someone or going for just a scone or some yogurt.
 Everything is so flavorful you are almost satisfied on the first bite. But it's just so fun to finish!

If I've got you in the spirit of all things Alice, visit Alice's Tea Cup on a sunny morning and check out Gaia's blog Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for even more magical discoveries!


Sunday Brunch


After a Saturday night out, the best thing to do the next day is have a big breakfast. 
A quick big breakfast. 
This took only 10 minutes. SO SIMPLE!

Scramble some eggs with cheese, salt and pepper.

Toast some bagels (for the eggs).

Toast some ciabatta (for the lox).
Put some whipped cream cheese with chives on the ciabatta. Add the lox, salt and pepper, and a squeeze of lemon.

Toss some fruit with honey.

What are your favorite breakfast foods?


Golden Birthday Giveaway!

Today is my Golden Birthday!
27 on the 27th!
It only happens once in a lifetime.
Do you remember your Golden Birthday?

In celebration, here is a giveaway!
I have 2 prizes and 2 chances to win!

Here are two pairs of handmade earrings by yours truly!

How to enter?

1. FOLLOW ME! Post a comment here for the entry stating that you follow or have been a follower.

2. POST ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY! Post a comment here for the entry stating that you've posted about this giveaway on your blog. It can be a post or on your side bar.

I will announce the winners NEXT Tuesday. Winners pick the pair because I have multiples of each. Good Luck!


It's Saturday!

That means I am at Our Krazy Kitchen, cooking up a veggie pasta! What else?
Stop by for a taste!


Best Dining Experience in Puerto Rico

Pamela's was by far my favorite place to dine in Puerto Rico. While it wasn't along the buzzing cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, it was right on the beach. Sand in my shoes. Drink in hand. It was perfect!





Pamela's is located at the Numero Uno Guest House hotel.
Here are the rates:

High Rates
December 15, 2009 - April 30, 2010
$139 to $279*
Mid Season
May 1, 2009 - July 31, 2009 & November 1, 2009 - December 14, 2009
$99 to $209*
Low Season
August 1, 2009 - October 31, 2009
$89 to $199.00*
For Reservations Call Toll Free:
1-866-726-5010 or 787-726-5010
Email: info@numero1guesthouse.com


Puerto Rico: Hiking El Yunque Rainforest

The El Yunque Rainforest in Puerto Rico is an amazingly lush spectacle. On our last day on the island, we found ourselves in the jungle; rock climbing, exploring, and diving into waterfalls.

There are no fees to enter or park. However if you visit the Visitor's Center there is a $3 charge. Pretty darn cheap if you ask me. Especially when you see all of this!

28,000 acres in size!

240 species of tropical trees...

20 varieties of orchids...

Hear the Coqui frogs and see large snails and other reptiles...

Swim under the waterfalls...

BTM tip! DO NOT swim with everyone else at the major falls...
keep walking and hike where you shouldn't (I'm serious)
and you'll find a spot all to yourself!

Also, it will take you almost an hour to hike to the waterfalls!

Dine on local grilled and fried fare at one of the few food shacks along the winding roads...
a dog greeted us at this one!

Bring water, a towel and prepare for sore limbs after this experience.

More to come from Puerto Rico!


Dining in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico...

I had no idea as to how much of a gastronomical dream Puerto Rico could be. Now it seems obvious: Fresh fish, vegetables, fruits, and rum all day long! Some of the best places to eat are in Old San Juan, so if you are staying at the Ritz or the El San Juan Hotel and Casino get ready to pay up for your cuisine or a 25 dollar cab fare into the city each way! Or, you could just dine on the Ritz's daily free oranges at the pool.

Note Worthy Comida!

Dragonfly and Aquaviva are right in the heart of Old San Juan on Calle de la Fortaleza. They are a part of the OOF Restaraunt chains in PR. Koco at the El San Juan Hotel is another and quite delicious! Enjoy sushi, ceviche and the best dragonfly punch cocktail ever!

At Dragonfly, BTM recommends:
Rock Shrimp Tempura Tacos
Shrimp and Lobster Dumplings with Truffle Essence (O.M.G.)
Ahi Tuna Sashimi

Drink of Choice: Dragonfly Punch (like Rum Punch only 20x times better with Guava and Ginger!)

And for dessert:
Banana Almond Crispy Wontons
These were to-die-for!

At Aguaviva ceviche is king! BTM recommends:
Truffle Tuna Tartare Ceviche
Caribbean Coco Camerones
The Lobster Mashed Potatoes!

Drink of choice: Guava Mojito

If you want to stay near the strip, Koco is located in the El San Juan Hotel and Casino and features Caribbean cuisine. You can even eat in bed here... seriously!

BTM recommends:
A bottle of Conundrum to wash down the West Indies Crab Fritters and the Dayboat Scallops!

But my favorite restaurant in Puerto Rico, as if none of these were...
you'll have to keep reading this week to find out!

Here's a clue:

Aye Que Rico!!



Hello everyone! I have been away, on the sandy beaches and walking the inspiring streets of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico! I am finally back in NYC and have so much to share. Over 400 photos and videos too! But before I take you down to the islands, here's a look at my last days in Montauk, NY for Independence Day before I headed south!

Until next time, adios mis amigos y amigas!

Where summer flowers are in full bloom...

Where G.I. Joe surveys the waters...

...and castles are built.

The beach is buzzing and the book fair is open...

... bikes are ridden and rocks are skipped.

And don't forget Camp Hero... summer always calls for a conspiracy!

You are at The End of America...

Home of the free...