{i miss london}

Another longing post this week for a European adventure. London is pretty sacred to me. I went to school for a semester there in 2004 and still miss it. Wow... 6 years ago. I visited the UK again in 2008 but I think it's time for another go!

{pictures from my old camera}

Ah... the perfect pint!

Have you ever lived abroad?
Do you miss it?

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Je Manque Paris {i miss paris}

I've been to Paris a few times... and now I am in withdrawal.
European withdrawal at this point.

I miss the architecture...
the culture...
 the simplicity...

Where would you like to escape? 

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Feast of San Gennaro~ Little Italy

In 1926, the Feast of San Gennaro was once a one-day religious celebration in September where newly arrived immigrants from Naples congregated along Mulberry Street in Little Italy, NYC. Now, it is an 11-day feast and I am left wondering "Where did all of these Guidos come from?" I'm allowed to say this, as an Italian American born and raised on Long Island... but seriously- since the birth of MTV's Jersey Shore last year the scene filled with sausage and peppers and classics now has this:

and this:

Bad tans and make-up, making 20-year-olds look like 40-year-olds,  litter the streets. I'm left wondering, "What has become of my tradition of walking down this precession of good times and feeling all nostalgic like in a scene from The Godfather Part II?" I then had to take a step back and realize that anyone or any group will milk their stereotype. So I might as well enjoy it... 


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