Put the F*cking Lotion in the Basket! A Musical Review.

I saw Silence! The Musical (based on Silence of the Lambs) on Saturday night.

I haven't enjoyed a musical as much as this in a long time...
and I saw The Book of Mormon just a week ago!

The Book of Mormon was great, don't get me wrong. It's a huge production with amazing music, has an incredible story and moral told by the brilliant and sick Trey Parker, and is HYSTERICAL. I was expecting fireworks and I got them.

But Silence! was special. It's Off, Off Broadway down on St. Marks in the East Village. The theater seats 160 (where The Eugene O'Neill for BOM seats 1,065). The orchestra consists of a pianist and a drummer. No one else. I wasn't expecting fireworks. But I got them!

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If you know the film well, this show will eat you alive with its humor. I was so pleasantly surprised, and I'm one of those people who roll their eyes to the back of their head at the thought of another musical based on a film.  If you saw the film once years ago this will all go right over your head- you have no business attending... sorry. But for those who are sick like me and have seen Silence of the Lambs more than they'd like to admit... this one is for you.

Remember such horrifyingly weird lines in the film such as:
(forgive me for the language)
" Are You About A Size 14?"
'Put the F*cking Lotion in the Basket"
" I’d F*ck Me"

Well, it's my pleasure to inform you that those are actual song titles in this musical adaptation! Charles Isherwood of The New York Times found this musical to be  a bit "stale" with "by-the-number" gags. Methinks he's never seen a parody before but who knows, I'm not a fancy NY Times reviewer. He also mentioned how "gross" it was. Really? It's a musical parody based on a film about 2 killers. One who eats people, and one who's making a female suit out of fat chicks' skin. Did he not get the memo? And using the adjective "gross" to negatively describe Silence! is just lazy. No shit it's gross!
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That's what makes it genius!
It somehow took one of the best thrillers of all time and made it absurd and hilarious. 
So absurd that I actually question the film's many awards. It's pretty corny and I love that this musical exposed its little soft underbelly!

And yes, the ensemble goes Greek Chorus in full lamb getup... with hooves.
Silence! The Musical is in theaters until August 27th.
Get tickets now!
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  1. What a whacky idea for a musical!!


  2. looks fun to me like the dracula puppet show in the movie forgetting sarah marshall

  3. That sounds like such a crazy musical! Its been ages since I've seen one, this might have to be on my list of sees.

  4. Silence of the Lambs as a musical? Now this I must see! :)

  5. See these are the musicals I'd want to go to!

  6. What in the world?!!! I've never heard of this musical before - and never would have thought to make it into one. But bizarre ideas for musicals often make really entertaining stuff, LOL.

  7. Thanks for these great reviews. You are blessed to be in NYC with access to all the shows. I still need to see Billy Elliott which is currently playing in SF...

  8. better than the book of mormon? really! wow! i think i need to see both! and i think i need a trip to the east coast, STAT!

    1. The book of mormon Wicked is def my fave of all time.

  9. p.s. those lines from silence of the lambs are some of the best lines EVER. EVER!!!!

  10. Oh my friend...you are so lucky...I would love to go to one of these. Broadway plays make me so happy...I have only seen 3 in NYC..but they are one of the highlights when I visit.

    Happy weekend to you. xo


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