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cranberry season is here!

Tis the season for family get-togethers, warm wishes, cold weather, and cranberries! The cranberry is a traditional item found on most tables this Thanksgiving and during Christmas. I had the opportunity to interview Ocean Spray's COO Ken Romanzi, North America, to find out a little more about the little crimson treats.

1.)    Why the name Ocean Spray? 
a.       In 1912, the first canned cranberry sauce was created and sold under the Ocean Spray brand name by lawyer turned cranberry grower Marcus L.Urann.  In 1930, Cranberry Canners, Inc. was established through the merger of three cranberry growers Marcus L. Urann, Elizabeth Lee, and John C. Makepeace, who shared a common goal of expanding the market for their crops.  In 1946, the company changed its name to the National Cranberry Association, and finally in 1959, the company took on the brand name of their first and primary consumer product – Ocean Spray!

2.)    Ocean Spray cranberries are grown in the North East and West of America. Why are these colder climates essential when growing cranberries?
a.       The seasonal changes and cooler temperatures of the North East and West create just the right climate for growing cranberries. A bog is a soft, marshy ground with acid peat soil, usually near wetlands, where cranberries grow on long-running vines. These types of fertile, marshy areas are most commonly found in Massachusetts, NJ, Oregon, Washington and Wisconsin as well as some parts of British Colombia and Quebec

3.)    What are some of the main health benefits of Ocean Spray Cranberries?
a.       Cranberries not only taste good, but they are also good for you. One 8-ounce serving of Cranberry Juice Cocktail twice daily may help promote urinary tract health, and one 1/4 cup serving fresh cranberries or a 1/3 cup serving of dried cranberries or cranberry sauce can also provide this benefit. Plus, they are rich in antioxidants! 

4.)    Why should consumers choose Ocean Spray over other brands?
a.       As you may know, Ocean Spray is a cooperative of more than 700 growers, many of whom are second, third and even fourth generation growers. All of our cranberries are harvested with care by our grower families, and we continually strive to offer our fans the best and most diverse cranberry products. Whether it’s Light, Diet, Sparkling, 100% juice or traditional cranberry or grapefruit, Ocean Spray offers consumers a variety of choices.

5.)    Can cranberries be used for things other than cooking? Like decorations?
a.       Yes! Cranberries not only pair well with food, but they also make for creative, easy-to-make holiday crafts. Ocean Spray’s Plan-It guide lists all of the crafts that incorporate cranberries – anything from place cards to centerpieces to wreaths. All of them can be found here: http://oceanspray.com/Kitchen/Plan-It.aspx

You learn something new everyday! One of my favorite Ocean Spray products is the Diet Sparkling Cranberry Juice. Only 10 calories and so much easier than mixing your own seltzer and cranberry juice, and you can pack a bunch for work or a picnic with ease!


giveaway: shabby apple dress!

Another giveaway in thanks to my readers for sticking with me!
Please join this giveaway for a chance to win the lovely Bacciami dress from Shabby Apple, an online boutique of fabulous women's dresses. I love the Bacciami dress. Its classic cut and this shade of red are perfect for the holidays.
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sheyna jewelry

I'm excited to be telling you all about Sheyna.com. A really lovely online jewelry shop with 5,000 different pieces created by over 500 talented artisans! What's even better, is that YOU can design your own bracelets, necklaces, and earrings! One of their amazing artisans will create the design and ship it to you for FREE! *US and non-US residents can take part.

Take a look and some of the collections:

All of these pieces are really lovely and affordable. I also love the idea that you can get creative yourself amongst the gems, chains, and stones!

Sheyna.com is also kind enough to offer my readers (YOU)
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Happy Hump Day!


make-up giveaway!

I'm excited to be giving away a really great product today from the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Collection! 1 lucky reader will win a Hydrafull Gloss!

I personally tried this product, and am a fan! The color I tested was MOI (me) and it's just that: A natural pinkish nude color that glides on perfectly. One of the main things (besides the color) I really like about this product is that, to me, it is odorless and tasteless. I've found that most lip glosses taste horrible from all of the chemicals.

Here are some photos:
{i'm a little {very} embarrassed by these -
but this is a product review after all!}

I think the MOI color looks really nice for a day look. You can go for it at night too if you want to really play up your eyes. But if you want your lips to be the star of the show, try a darker liner or stain and THEN use the Hydrafull Gloss to really make your look shine!

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little hints

I try not to get too personal on here, but I think this little gem of a moment is worth it. Especially to some of my dear readers who I know need to know this...

when we lose loved ones,
we fear the thought of forgetting.

but our loved ones forbid this.

my mom died on November 7th, 2002.

as i went to buy breakfast this morning,
i thought of her and asked for a sign.

my breakfast cost $7.77,
and I bought this breakfast on the 7th floor.

always look for the:

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business card giveaway!

I have an exciting business card giveaway from UPrinting.com!

UPrinting.com is one of the versatile printing companies who offer business cards online. They not only print affordable and quality UPrinting business cards , they can also customize them according to your specific needs and offer custom business cards

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This giveaway is sponsored by  UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive business cards for hosting.


ah, siena!

Siena was our favorite stop on the Italy tour. (We didn't go on a specific tour -  we went on my OCD Travel Planning Adventure - email me for the itinerary). Siena is about 1 hr and 30 minutes south of Firenze, so you can take the SITA Bus line (just around the corner from the train station in Firenze) and be dropped off right smack in the middle of Siena's flea market (if it's Wednesday). Be sure to check when the last bus back is (I think it's 8:45pm) we didn't and were stuck in Siena for the night (poor us!). My ODC only goes so far.

We stopped for lunch and dinner at these two great spots - tasting the pastas, seafood and bistecca (massive steak!)

A climb atop the Panorama (which you access through the museum) will give you the most beautiful views of the countryside. Invest in the Opa Si Pass so that you may experience the cathedral, crypt, and museum with the Panorama!

Bring your walking shoes. Lots of steep hills like San Francisco! My last name can be found everywhere as well. It means "from Siena"...
Venezia will be the next stop on my tour this week. Stick around!