Post Workout Meal

Working out makes me even hungrier than I am normally.
I don't know what it is about me, but I'm never full until I'm STUFFED.

However, after working out one Saturday morning I tried this meal out as a post-workout light meal, and it was actually kept me full for a while.


What you'll need:
2 slices THIN whole wheat bread- toasted
2 tablespoons lite cream cheese
(I used whipped with chives)
a few watercress leaves
(you can use spinach, kale, whatever!)
1/2 avocado
(use 1/4 if you are a calorie nazi)
2 tsp olive oil
sea-salt and black pepper to taste
sprinkle of red pepper flakes
drizzle of aged balsamic vinegar

What you'll do:
Toast the bread.
Then assemble in this order evenly:
cream cheese, watercress, avocado, oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes.

I drank a small glass of Green Goodness juice as well.

What is your go-to post-workout meal?


Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band at Jazz Fest

When we were in New Orleans we camped out early to see The Boss perform at Jazz Fest.
Don't get too jealous, we weren't that close.
Our camera is just that awesome!

Jazz Fest Jazz Crowd Bruce and Steve Steve1 Jake Bruce1

They put on an awesome show.
I'm sure there are youtube videos of me dancing like a fool!

Have you ever been to Jazz Fest? 
Have your ever seen Bruce Springsteen? 
What concerts have you been to?


Memorial Day in Montauk

How did everyone spend Memorial Day Weekend?
We just had a low-key affair out in Montauk.
Which I have to say is changing... sad face.
So we stayed mostly at home, 
away from the hipster crowd that is spreading!

Yellow Flower Pink Flower 2 Deer Pink Flower Purple Flower Bird Bird House Lobster Dinner Wine


Bag time!

I'm in the mood for a new bag...
Need something that can fit my laptop and all of my junk!
Which one is your favorite? 

Bag time!


GIVEAWAY: 100 Postcards!

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Debbie Cakes!

Happy Friday!
This weekend, I think I'll bake some Debbie Cakes!

can't. stop. laughing.


{ i heart }... tv

{ i heart } tv

Today's { i heart } is all about the cancelled NBC series Journeyman!

First, I need to admit it now: I'm a little (really) obsessed with Kevin McKidd. I'm sure some of you know him as Dr. Hunt from Grey's Anatomy (are you dying in anticipation for the finale tonight? I'm a corpse...) or Lucius Vorenus from Rome... He's awesome. That is all.

At first glance, Journeyman is a slight rip off of Quantum Leap (BAKULA!)... A dude goes back in time to save people and change their future for the better. But then the last few episodes hit me like a ton of bricks, what with the FBI getting involved, the butterfly effect, and more "oh shit" moments than my out-of-shape-ass can handle. I am LIVID that this show was cancelled but I can understand why. It was a victim of the writer's strike in Hollywood, AND, I have a feeling it was touching territory (conspiracy theories) that a network owned by giant GE just can't keep alive. Great show, the whole season is on Hulu+ so check it out.

Did you watch Journeyman?
What favorite shows of yours have been cancelled when they shouldn't have been?

Other things { i heart }:


Guest Post: Tourist Traps in NYC

I'm happy to be posting a great article today on the places that are too touristy in NYC. Have a look, and let me know if you did go to one of these things and it was actually enjoyable! :o)

Like any other destination, New York City has its own tourist traps. In general, what you see is what you get in NYC, but sometimes visitors can pay more for something that’s not worth the price or they can just choose to visit overrated attractions. In order to avoid these traps, people must be informed.

The first attraction on the tourist trap list is Little Italy. Some time ago, this used to be an Italian district with thematic restaurants and streets. Nowadays, Chinatown has swallowed this neighborhood. So, instead of visiting Little Italy, tourists will end up visiting a small part of Chinatown with some Italian influences. There are still some Italian shops and restaurants, but the Italian food anywhere else in New York City is better than here. If people want to see authentic Italian churches, markets and food, they must go to Carroll Gardens and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn.

Times Square is most certainly one of the most known attractions in New York City. That’s why most people are surprised to find out that it is overrated. It is a must see, without a doubt, but tourists should not spend too much time here. The shows, the stores, the giant signs and the lights are attractive, but everything here is way too expensive. Individuals can find the same products at much cheaper prices in other parts of New York City. Tourists will find better food and less crowded streets in Chinatown, SoHo, Greenwich Village, Lower East Side and TriBeCa.

Battery Park is a picturesque place; especially that it is located near the docks. Still, it is extremely crowded and most of the times it’s filled with junk sales men. Boot leg movies, fake perfumes, fake watches, fake bags, they sell anything that’s fake and they can really ruin your calm afternoon in the park. Some alternatives to Battery Park are Washington Park and Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

Another overrated landmark is the Statue of Liberty. It is without a doubt something to be seen when visiting New York City. Still, tourists should know some things before venturing there. First of all, it is literally packed with people. Second of all, there are a lot of children that run and scream and can be quite annoying. Thirdly, the statue seems taller from the shore. Last, but not least, people usually wait for hours to get to the top. That being said, tourists who want to visit the Statue of Liberty should be extremely patient.

The New York City Tour Buses are totally overrated. The tourists love them, but they’re not that interesting. The sound of the recorded guide voice is irritating and when it rains these buses are useless. A better and much cheaper alternative is to walk the streets and discover New York by foot. This is the best option for every destination. Instead of spending all the money on a bus, visitors can simply stroll around the large avenues. These are the most notable tourist traps in New York City. So, if you ever think of visiting this metropolis, make sure to avoid them.
This article was written by Ioana on behalf of Nycvacationrentalsonline.com, a short term vacation rental company that has over 350 tourist apartments in New York and is the preferred choice of many to rent holiday flats in New York.