Socialpunk: Review, Excerpt and iPAD GIVEAWAY!

I am really excited to share a review and excerpt with you all from a new book called Socialpunk by the incredibly talented Monica Leonelle.  If you'd like to preview or purchase this book, I have provided some links below to the excerpts to get you pumped, or should I say punked!

A bit about Monica:
Monica Leonelle is a well-known digital media strategist and the author of three novels. She blogs at Prose on Fire (http://proseonfire.com) and shares her writing and social media knowledge with other bloggers and authors through her Free Writer Toolkit (http://proseonfire.com/free-writer-toolkit). If you want some tips and tricks for developing your writing skills, I HIGHLY recommend her free tool kit. it's a must have.

If you liked Hunger Games, Divergent, and other books based on dystopian societies, than you will love this first book of the trilogy. It's intense, funny, sexy, fresh, young and really insightful. I think my favorite aspect is the influence of technology. I love how it's interwoven into the concept, and it's not over exaggerated or muddled with complications and redundant explanation. I also love the descriptions of the characters and atmosphere. I could immediately picture it all!

Here are some links to preview and purchase the first book!

For Preview:
Socialpunk Preview for Kindle .mobi file

Socialpunk Preview for Nook/iPad .ePub file

Socialpunk Preview PDF file

For Purchase:
Amazon: http://monicaleonelle.com/SocialpunkA
Barnes and Noble: http://monicaleonelle.com/SocialpunkB
(Note: Links may not be active yet)

And as the title suggests, this post is also not just a quick review, but also, a chance for YOU to win some amazing prizes.


Life...and New Orleans

Hello everyone. Trying to put together more posts but it's been difficult. I really don't like writing about my personal life, and I really don't like just copying things I've read off the internet and making it into posts for myself (l-a-z-y). However, I will use this time to tease my upcoming trip to New Orleans to give you at least something to chew on!

Have you ever been?
I'd love your recommendations for food, sites, and anything else.

Look out for some posts on this trip, coming soon!



The Client List...

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DIY Water Marble Nails

Today's guest post is so cool! Get the scoop and how to on Water Marble Nail Art!

How water marble nail polish is good for nails:

{credit: Kiva}
Marbling nails is quite the rage with young fashionistas who like flaunting them around. If you also want your nails to look nice you can always use a little of your imagination to achieve the marbled nails. You need not go to the salon and spend a fortune when you can easily fix up your nails at home. All you need is a nail polish or two and the requisite material for creating your masterpiece. You just need a little practice to get the coloring right without smudging. You will soon have great looking, marbled nails just by following the tips below.

Material required
A disposable cup
A bottle of cool water
Masking tape or scotch tape
Orange sticks or toothpicks
Cotton buds
Different shades of nail polish
A hand towel
Nail polish remover
A bottle of clear nail polish

Instructions for the marbling effect
1. Give your nails even coverage by applying a coat of clear nail polish. Let dry a few minutes and apply enough coats of the palest color nail polish.
2. Let your nails dry properly. Then fill your cup with the water.
3. First tape your nails across, just below the nail bed. Then tape around the front tip of your finger from one end to the other and create a hood effect.
4. Next, add a drop of your darkest nail polish into the cup of water, allowing it to spread and keep dropping the various shades you want or the lightest shade. If you use 3 to 5 shades, it will give the best result. Try to do it fast otherwise the nail polish will start setting.
5. Taking your orange stick or toothpick, start drawing in the design on the spread of nail polish. Wipe your toothpick with the towel after every few strokes to get a better point.
6. Once you have found the best pattern for the marble design, quickly submerge your nail into it and leave it submerged for a while.
7. With your toothpick, remove any residual polish around the surface area before you retrieve your nail out of the water.
8. Remove the protective tape and let your nail dry.
9. Apply a top coat of clear nail polish for the clean surface look.
10. Using your cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover, carefully remove any colors on the edges of your nail.
11. Repeat the same procedure for the other nails.

Now that you have your marbled nails you can flaunt them to your friends. Just remember to use filtered water as impurities in tap water will prevent the nail polish from evenly spreading out. Some shades of nail polish do not spread evenly in the water, so next time just omit out the shades which do not work well. Use nail polish that does not dry up quickly as you require some time to draw your fancy design. Do not lose heart if your attempt does not give the desired result. Just continue to have fun and experiment until you get the perfect marbling effect.

Here are some great videos on the procedure by Simple Little Pleasures:

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of fashion. Recently an article on eric trump attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on fireplace ideas



Today's guest post is all about Barcelona cuisine. You can read about my adventures there here as well!

Food and wine tourism in Barcelona

It is known that Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and also known because of the variety of things that it has to offer. Here you can find some amazing beaches and views, the most relaxing places, but also the most crowded and glamorous areas. As everybody knows, Spain is one of the most famous cities in the world for the 
traditions and food.

When it comes to food and drinking, is the perfect destination that one can choose. A lot of people come here to try the traditional food like tapas or paellas, or to taste the wine and also drink a glass of sangria. Like a tourist, you will find a multitude of restaurants and bars where you can taste the Spanish dishes. The most famous are situated next to ¨Las Ramblas¨, the most touristic street in Spain, where you will feel the international atmosphere. But you can also try the traditional Spanish bars, where the food is made more for the locals and less for the tourists. You can taste the traditional food in some glamorous and chic places or you can see the most common restaurants where you can 
experience also the Spanish life.

The traditional paella is delicious in this local restaurant specializing in rice and fish. Situated in Plazza Sol 13, you can taste with only 35 euro an ideal menu. It has more than 35 years of experience in offering typical Catalan dishes that consists in a pica-pica (3, 4 different dishes for the whole group), between which is recommend to choose mini-squid, mussels, artichokes, shrimp, (calamarcitos a la Planche, almejas la Planche, alcachofas fritas, gambas a la 
Planche, pescadito Frito) and, as a main dish, the best "paella Mariner" in Barcelona.

El vaso de Oro 
¨Tapas¨ is the word that refers to small portions, usually tasted in bars. It is originated in southern Spain, in cities such as Granada, where with every beer ordered, you get "a tapa". In Barcelona, a famous pub for goose liver with beef and potatoes typical Catalan "patatas bravas" is ¨El vaso de Oro¨, located in the old part of town, ideal for eating in the hours before lunch. It is situated in Street Balboa 6.

When it comes to the drinks, there are many categories to choose. There is a wide range of Spanish wines, the most expensive is Alion (house Ribera del Duero), after, the Conde de Salceda (Ribera del Duero), Marques Riscarl (Rioja), Viña Ardanza (Rioja), Celeste (Ribera del Duero), or natural fermentation wine that is usually drank with fish, Blanc Pescador or Viña Esmeralda.

Cava is the champagne made ​​in Catalunya, with other grapes than in France, with a maximum alcohol level of 12.8% vol. Some recommended brands are benches, Bach and Codorniu.

As for beer, traditional Catalan brand founded in 1876 is Estrella Damm and has a high 5.4% alcohol by vol. Another home brewing is Moritz, another Alsatian created in 1856, that is sold as Catalan beer even if is made ​​in Zaragoza.

Barcelona is situated in top 10 cities in Europe when it comes to the best food and wine. If you want to pay it a visit you might want to take a look on vacation apartments Barcelona and Barcelona property for sale.

This article was written by Alina Bordeianu, a blogger writer for Apartime.

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