Fiji, The Perfect Getaway!

I'm very excited about today's guest post, as I've always wanted to go to Fiji!

Why the Yasawa Islands in Fiji are Perfect for All Types of Travelers
For a tropical island, Fiji actually surprisingly receives quite a diverse range of travelers. Many people associate tropical islands, either in the Caribbean or the South Pacific, with luxury travelers used to long haul destinations and pricey hotels. However, due to its relative proximity to Australia (about 4 hours flight) it is an island group that is well on the backpacker trail. Australia itself lures travelers from Europe, the UK and even the US through its historical connections, and with Fiji a viable addition to an Australian holiday, this is yet another reason for many people coming here.

The Yasawa Islands
Despite its popularity, there’s not really anywhere in Fiji that can be considered a tourist trap. Fiji is an archipelago of over 300 islands which does a pretty good job of dispersing everyone. However, if you are traveling with a group of varied personalities all looking for a different experience, or you simply want a holiday full of mixed experiences for yourself, then the Yasawa Island group off the Western Shore of the main Fijian island Viti Levu is perfect. This collection of about 20 volcanic islands are an eclectic array of different sizes and shapes, with varying levels of development and activities on offer. For a good reference point, if you have seen the film Castaway with Tom Hanks then you will have a good idea of what these islands look like, as some of the scenes from the Castaway were filmed here!

The resorts are run by an arrangement of organizations, from the island’s villagers to an Australian company providing scuba diving and manta ray viewing facilities. What doesn’t change is the tropical island bliss, neither a road nor vehicle exists anywhere, just endless beaches and stunning volcanic summits.

Planned travel versus careless wandering

Accessing the Yasawa islands is done on the bright yellow Yasawa flyer, a fast ferry offering open topped views of the island chains as you whip past. Purchasing a 1 week or 2 week pass, you can use this service whenever you want, so if you are organized you can plan everything to a T, if you are not then let yourself go with the flow and island hop as you please.

Luxury versus simplicity

Travelers on a budget are easily catered for by the many resorts along the island chain that have communal dorms. The level of accommodation grades up to private bures on the beach front and luxury villas, giving those prima donnas something up market to choose from.  

Lively, tranquil, familiar, authentic

Islands range from the party centric Beachcomber, a tiny island with a large bar and lively party scene at night, to islands that balance night entertainment with tranquility, such as the Manta Ray resort, to serene peaceful resorts with minimalistic, traditional facilities. This makes the island chain perfect for every type of traveler, or someone looking for places to party and then to nurse the hangover. 

Author Bio: Having hopped from one island to the next on a daily basis, Matt explored and experienced much of what the Yasawa islands offer. He now writes for Citalia, specializing in Italian travel.


Grand Canyon Tours - See America's Natural Wonder

I have never been to the Grand Canyon, but I've always wanted to. After this Guest Post, I REALLY want to go!

The Grand Canyon is one of America's most impressive sights, with the Colorado river cutting its way through the red Arizona soil and rock as runnels and rivulets turn into chasms. You can see all this as part of a detailed tour of the canyon and surrounding area.

The Canyon
The Grand Canyon takes up a vast swath of Arizona, measuring 18 miles across at its widest point and continuing on for 277 miles. But it is not the two dimensional measurements of the canyon that make it so impressive, but the addition of a third dimension: depth.

At some points the river has dug more than a mile into the earth, giving you views of drops that fall thousands of feet and producing some of the most dramatic geography you will see anywhere on earth.

While European explorers did not discover the wonders of the canyon until the 16th century, it had been home to Native American tribes for centuries before. Now modern visitors flock in their thousands each year to experience the canyon for themselves, with fresh eyes renewing its wonders.

There are a variety of Grand Canyon tours that are suitable for most people, from family groups to those who are on
activity holidays for singles.

If you visit the national park in which it is located then you will get a good view from the ground. However, the canyon is best experienced from the air and it is easy to include a helicopter tour in your holiday package. You can get to vantage points that provide you with a look at the various elements of the canyon at its majestic best and the speed and range of a helicopter means that you can see as much as possible in a relatively short amount of time.

Of course another great way to see the Grand Canyon requires that you go on foot and travel down into its bowels without the aid of a powered vehicle. There are various hiking tours which you can join, taking in scenic routes that will reveal a personal experience of the canyon and also give you a good deal of exercise in the process.


Many people who tour the Grand Canyon also choose to see some of the other attractions that are available in the same area. You might want to visit the sand blasted pillars of Monument Valley and take in the bright lights of Las Vegas in order to wring the most out of your trip.

There are plenty of extra activities you can add to a tour of the region, including horseback riding that will make you feel like a real cowboy or a guided backroads journey conducted along paths used by Native Americans in years long since gone.

However you decide to see the Grand Canyon, it is imperative that those who visit Arizona do not miss it off their schedules. It is a monument to the power of nature and its ability to sculpt works of art that are unmatched in terms of scale or beauty.

Paul Chester is a freelance writer and blogger who regularly contributes articles on travel, art and a range of other topics to sites and publications that require his services. He recommends
Grand Canyon tours and activity holidays for singles who want to mingle with people of similar backgrounds.


Make-Up Tips for Formals

The weeks before a big homecoming dance or prom can be really stressful if you’re not used to dressing up. First, there’s the formal dress and heels that you probably feel a bit out of sorts in—even if you selected a gown from one of the lovely Henri'shomecoming dresses. Then there’s the make-up. If you don’t typically wear a lot, you can still look elegant and feel comfortable with my following four prom and homecoming make-up tips.

1. Accentuate your eyes or your lips—not both
The surest way to end up looking like a clown instead of a gorgeous prom date is to overdo the makeup on your eyes and your lips. But however do you pick? Really it comes down to which you tend to get more compliments on. Do you have big beautiful eyes like Mila Kunis? Well then this is your opportunity to use a bold eye shadow, fake eye lashes, or a sultry smoky eye and use a light gloss on your lips. If you have perfect pouty lips like Meagan Fox, keep your eye make-up subtle and go for glamour with an old Hollywood candy red or deep burgundy lip.

2. Be yourself
The most important make-up tip really is to just be you. Sure, you’re dressing up and wearing make-up, but like your wedding day, you want your date to recognize the girl he asked to the dance in the first place. He obviously likes that girl! Plus, you’ll be most comfortable in your own skin if you think you look like yourself—only better with subtle make-up. So ditch the bright red lipstick if it’s not you. Focus on being you and just having fun, which is really the point of the evening!

3. Play up your finest features
Aside from the lips and eyes, what are your best features—your flawless skin, your adorable button nose, or maybe your super high cheekbones? Well make-up can accentuate your best features even further by creating shadows to draw attention to these areas and draw away from others—a sharp chin or a larger nose.

4. Tag along tips
Because you'll be dancing, sweating, drinking and eating, you’ll probably need to bring along a few make-up must-haves in your purse or clutch for touch ups throughout the evening. I typically bring the following make-up necessities with me to formal events:
  • My lipstick or gloss
  • A few blotting papers for after dancing and before photos
  • Finishing powder
  • A cover-up or concealing stick
  • A carry on bottle of hairspray to r-firm my up-do/perfect curls

About The Author
Evelyn Luo is a writer that has turned her love of shopping into a freelance career as a contributing writer for Style Cynics, a fashion and celebrity gossip site that features the latest star buzz and the hippest and hottest styles.


Puerto Rico Photo Tour

When in Puerto Rico, we were there on business so we stayed at the Ritz Carlton with the rest of the team. If you love the beach and big casino like hotels then this place, and general area, is for you. You can hotel hop to all of the restaurants and casinos on the strip. It is about 25-30 minutes outside of Old San Juan. If you are more of a walking city traveler than a sit-on-the-beach-and-crisp traveler, then I do not recommend these accommodations. However, we did stumble upon an amazing Moroccan inspired place in the middle of Old San Juan called Hotel Casablanca. This is more of a European experience than a tropical island one. And much more affordable! I would never stay at the Ritz on my own dime. Just saying... But the upside to the Ritz and the other hotels nearby is that you are right on the beach. Here's another hotel that is closer to Old San Juan, and right on the beach. Our favorite restaurant, Pamela's, just happens to be there. It's in a gated community and you'll feel nice and secluded! the review is here.

Put it on the Ritz!

Old San Juan feels like a European city. Bistro's, festivals, and performers crowd cobblestone streets during the day and night. The architecture is so historic and so Spanish. My favorite was the fortress. 


...and day!

The food is really something special. From traditional dishes like Paella, to seasonal fish and fusion restaurants, there is so much to taste here. Click here for my restaurant list.

You can make a day of it and explore the El Yunque Rainforest. Click here for my tour of the park and my tips to make the most of it.

On your walks, and even in your hotel courtyard, you might spot some exciting creatures! That iguana is a well known resident at the Ritz.

 And here is a little video of the experience.
Have a great day!


Guest Post: DIY Fashion Tips

DIY fashion is becoming increasingly popular as a way of saving your money, while allowing for experimentation with your wardrobe. You can make a statement with DIY fashion in lots of ways, from making small changes to your wardrobe, to creatively cutting and tailoring items to make new clothes. At the same time, it’s worth doing some vintage shopping, and exploring more ethical fashion choices for ‘upcycling’ and other fun ways of making the most of outfits. Similarly, it’s important to think about how you can produce unique items for your personal style from everyday items.

Knowing Your Wardrobe

The most important thing that you need to do if getting into DIY fashion is to take a long look through your wardrobe, and decide what you can work on. DIY fashion is as much about using what you’ve already got, as it is about mixing and matching new items. Look at clothes that you haven’t worn for a while, and think about how you can easily adjust them, or strip them down to make new clothes. Old tops can become material for dresses, jeans can be cut into skirts, and bags can be turned into clutches. Similarly, keep an eye out for old clothes that still have useful or expensive materials that have life in them.

Creative Cuts

A big part of DIY fashion is being able to wield a pair of scissors and a sewing kit. If you haven’t got a lot of experience in adjusting your own clothes, start small with old T shirts or battered jackets, and try cutting or hemming out buttons, and adjusting collars. Dress patterns can be easily downloaded, and while it takes a bit of time, you can quickly start working on cutting up items and altering. Some of the easiest places to start are with trimming out waists and backs for better sizes, and reducing knee length skirts to miniskirts.

Vintage Searching

Anyone who’s serious about DIY fashion needs to be on top of the local vintage scene. This means knowing your vintage shops, and any local markets and street stalls that can be explored for useful outfits, accessories, and material. Although it’s generally easier to find a good range of sellers in big cities, looking online, and joining mailing lists means that you can get ahead of the game when it comes to clothes swaps, and wholesale clearances from charity jobs and clothing fairs.

More Ethical Fashion

You can save money and help benefit the environment by investing in more ethical fashion. Some of the easiest ways to achieve these benefits are to reuse and adjust old clothes, rather than buying new ones. Similarly, you can hold clothes swaps with friends to get a good bargain on old clothes, and can look for Fairtrade and other eco friendly logos at shops. Another approach is to ‘upcycle’ old items like worn out bags and dresses through creative stitching, dying, and use of their materials.

Making Items

Some easy items that you can make a start on if you want to build up a good collection of accessories and other pieces include headbands, necklaces and bags. Headbands can be easily made using fabric swatches, flowers and beads, while necklaces and rings can be simply made using existing loops and any useful items that you want to display as jewelery.

Author Bio
Serena Grant is a freelance copywriter specializing in the Fashion industry. She would recommend UK company Choice for fashion subjects such as rising brands, different styles of designer clothing and upcoming trends. One of her favorite brands available at Choicestore is Boy London.


Guest Post: Kick PMS to the Curb!

Hello! It’s Sierra from Ocean Dreams blog! Thanks so much Kris for the guest post opportunity!

Today I’m going to address the dreadful PMS and how it affects most of us women on a monthly basis. Oh how I wish I could make mine disappear, but unfortunately just like clock work it comes around again, just like a monthly menstrual cycle (unless you are on some cool birth control that makes yours disappear). Since PMS usually interferes with me enjoying my day (even though I try to master it, I really do!), I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to even out my hormones so that my boyfriend won’t throw me out of his apartment. Just kidding about him throwing me out but come on – PMS is not fun! Here are ways that I like to deal with PMS so that when it comes around I can kick it to the curb – for good.

Shopping Therapy – Let’s Get Going!

Shopping has always been great therapy for me, especially if I’m in a bad mood. It’s nice because when I just want to get out and enjoy the latest trends, or I’m in *need* of something new and fashionable, shopping is perfect. Even though my wallet suffers, my mood is almost nine times out of ten improved! I just love browsing inside of my favorite brand name stores and if I don’t have any money to spend, this works out well anyway! It’s nice to just get out and check out the newest trends that are taking over the shelves in all of the hot fashion stores.

Natural Supplements, such as Agnus Castus

Did you know that some anti-depressants actually help with the mind to severe depression during your period and during PMS? This is good to know if you’re really having a hard time during your period, however, if you’d rather try something natural, there are many natural remedies such as agnus castus. This herbal treatment works well and has a balancing effect on female hormones. Specifically it targets your system during the second half of the menstrual cycles and balances your hormones when you need it the most. I have yet to try agnus castus, but I really want to! 

Try a New Hobby such as Pilates and go Outside and Enjoy the Nature

It may sound fairly simple, but both workout classes and the nature can instantly improve your move during PMS. I know it always works for me! I personally love trying new classes and lately I love Pilates. It’s tough work but it helps you focus on your breathing, which in turn helps decrease stress and pain. So if you’re dealing with cramps or just need to get away, Pilates is perfect for that. Also, I love to walk around and enjoy nature. Just smelling the flowers or going to the ocean (if it is nearby you) is an instant mood booster. I’m definitely an ocean dreamer at heart and in real life! 


Thanks Sierra! I love the first and third option, and do those all the time when I'm feeling funky. I'll have to try the Supplement! I also use Primrose oil capsules. They work, but don't take too many!


Win a Pair of Ray Bans!

Hey there! Here's a really cool blogger contest via ASOS to win some hot new Ray Ban Sunglasses. All you have to do is blog about the contest, and include a picture of you in your shades and why you deserve a brand new pair of Ray Bans. Simple enough... Here it goes, hope I win!

“Calling all bloggers! Waiting for payday? Or maybe a worthy vacation and you’re still stuck with those gas station generics? Well send us a pic of you in your shameful shades and enter to win a brand-spankin-new pair of Ray Bans. If you are just too cool, grab a friend’s unfortunate choice - after all you have to hang out with them right?”


I deserve a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses because the ones in this photo are scratched! 

*This is not a giveaway on my site. It is a giveaway via ASOS for bloggers who actually post this exact content above and then you email them with a link back to your post to win a pair. They (ASOS) chose the winner at random. Sorry for the confusion!


Guest Post: Graphic Design Schools

Hello everyone. I love today's guest post because I just got my Associate's Degree in Web Design this month! I went to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. Can't say I can recommend it 100%. I hope this article sheds some light on some more options for you if you consider getting a degree in Graphic Design. After you read it... feel free to view my portfolio here and tell me what you think! Also available for blog design too.

Graphic Design School

Graphic designers are in high demand. And why wouldn’t they be? They are needed in the fields of advertising, publishing, film, magazines, and design studios. And for those who are artistic and creative, what better way to put those skills to good use! As of 2004, there were 228,000 jobs for graphic designers available, and those numbers and jobs just keep growing. But to become a graphic designer, and be hired by a prestigious company, you need formal education - usually a BA in graphic design. There are many different graphic design programs, (some of which are on-line), that teach art, computer skills, graphics, website design, and print publication. Students should choose which school is best for them, making sure it offers a program that can transform their unique talents into marketable skills.

The blog Rate my professor provides a list of schools that students can choose from if they are seeking an education in graphic design. There are different schools listed in various geographical areas. A short description is available for each, to see if it meets a person’s needs.


One such school is the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. This school has courses that combine theory with practical experience. Santa Fe University has the latest techniques, tools, and mediums available, and it focuses on real-world projects, collaborative endeavors, and client-satisfaction.


Another quality graphic design school that is listed and described on Rate myprofessor is the California College of the Arts. This school was founded in 1907 and is for people that want to “make art that matters”. California College of the Arts hopes to prepare students for lifelong creative work by combining practice with critical study.


The Rhode Island School of Design was established in 1877 and is one of the oldest and most well-known colleges for art and design in the United States. The location is ideal for many arts students, as it has rich scenery and a vibrant art scene in the community. This school offers a studio-based education to “prepare its students and the broader community to be creative and responsive to the needs of a global society.”

The College for Creative Studies is located in Detroit and is a leading college for art and design. Like the Rhode Island School of Design, the location of the campus itself offers a wonderful atmosphere for art students. The school attempts to nurture “the creativity that is vital to the enrichment of modern culture.”

--> The Southwest University of Visual Arts has two campuses. One is in Tucson, Arizona, while the other is in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The university is proud of the fact that its graduates now work for famous companies such as Disney, CNN, and Nike. This school has state-of-the-art computer technology and a curriculum that meets the needs of a competitive marketplace. The school pays attention to social and technological changes, altering its curriculum as needed. 

In Poulsbo, Washington is the Northwest College of Art. This school was founded in 1982 and already has a rich reputation. The focus of the Northwest College of Art is on technical skills, creative logic, and original concepts. Students who graduate do so with a professional portfolio and an appreciation of experimentation. The scenery of this campus can inspire artists, as it is surrounded by the Olympic Mountain Range and Liberty Bay.


Companies still hire business and accounting students, but they need graphic designers just as much. People with unique skills in designing graphics, logos, layouts, and images are needed by companies all over the world. A degree in graphic design can help start an amazing professional career.


Restaurant Review: Libertador Parrilla Argentina

We've dined at Libertador Parrilla Argentina before (click here), and it's become a favorite that we frequent. It's an Argentinian Steakhouse on the Upper East Side. They've got everything from a great grill menu to empanadas, to amazing mojitos and a lengthy wine list. They also carry Organic wines. My favorite!

We had a nice crisp and not-too-oaky Organic Chardonnay, a variety of empanadas including spinach, chicken, corn, and onion. My favorite is the spinach! After the empanadas, we tried the asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and mozzarella, and then to top it all off... The sweetbreads! Have you ever had sweetbreads before? They are to-die-for... but I won't tell you want they are. Picky eaters might get squeamish but they are so delicious. This place is pricey so I recommend going for cocktails and tapas (which is plenty for a full meal).

In other news, I have created a new recipe page for your convenience. I plan on adding pictures to the page, but at least now you all have a place to go to search for recipes and wine on this blog. I plan on doing this for my travel and beauty articles too. I have a little design clean up in the works as well. Any feedback on this is welcome, and anything else you'd like to see here on my blog- please tell me! 

Ciao for now!
Oh wait, the food... here you go:





Your turn! Link up with some of your favorite restaurants!


Service Review: Booze Carriage

*Disclaimer: I was not paid to review this service, however, I did receive a voucher to try out Booze Carriage and write about it. 

There is a new service in NYC called Booze Carriage. The concept is simple... order your beer, wine, and/or spirits online and within the hour it's delivered to your door. No delivery fees and no mark-ups! The delivery area is 116th street down to Battery Park, East and West side. (see site for zip codes) Like a good little journalist (ha) I clocked the timing. The time of purchase was 3:50pm on a Sunday. At 4:15pm, my booze carriage arrived! This is a great service for when you are planning a party. It'll save you time so you don't forget the little things like changing the litter box or putting the bra you left hanging on the bathroom doorknob away.

Delivery hours: 
Mon- Sat 9:30AM - 11:00PM 
Sun 12PM - 8:30PM


I ordered two organic/sustainable wines from the same maker, a white and a red. They are both very good and very reasonably priced. Here's a little bit about the wine:

"The stand our winery has taken is firm, designed to create quality wines and a healthier planet. By making wine from locally farmed grapes, using certified sustainable farming practices, utilizing 100% green power and employing earth-friendly packaging, our family-owned and operated company is creating a model of quality and environmental sustainability for other wineries to follow. In recognition of our status as the nation’s first carbon neutral winery and our continuing dedication to social responsibility and environmentally sound practices, Parducci received California’s highest environmental award, the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award in 2007 and 2009."

If you are within Booze Carriages delivery area, I highly recommend this service. The site is easy to navigate, and they are really fast and affordable.

Happy Drinking (Responsibly)!


How to Cook Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti Squash is a great way to cheat yourself into thinking you are eating pasta... or you can add it to pasta to make it more filling and you can have bigger portions.

Spaghetti Squash Cooked

Spaghetti Squash is a good source of Niacin, Vitamin B6, Pantothenic Acid, Potassium and Manganese, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C. {source}

Making Spaghetti Squash is simple with the exception of cutting it in half. I was on all fours on the floor stabbing this thing. Please be careful!

Spaghetti Squash Prep 1

Spaghetti Squash Prep


Preheat oven to 375. Take a pan (large enough to fit 2 squash halves laying down) and fill with water up to just 1/2 an inch from the bottom. Cut the squash in half using a very sharp knife and sturdy surface. Scoop seeds and stringy goop out. Note: Spaghetti Squash is stringy to begin with, hence the name, so don't scoop too much out, you may be taking out the actual meat of the vegetable at some point! Lay the squash halves inside face down in the pan over the water. Wet the skin a bit. Put in oven and cook for about 30-40 minutes until it's all tender. Take out of oven, turn squash halves over, and start to scoop the insides out with a fork. (be careful, it's hot!) You'll see that it comes apart when tender in long strings. Place all of the spaghetti squash in a large bowl. Serve with your favorite pasta sauce and cheese. Get creative... try it with pesto, alfredo, bolognese, what ever you want! Doesn't just have to be marinara!

Spaghetti Squash



Guest Post: 5 Acne Myths

Surprisingly there are a lot of beliefs that have dictated our beauty regimes that are in fact total untruths. Debbie Parker, a full time blogger for the skincare website -  Beauty Reviews, takes a  look at some of the most common skin care myths.

1. Oily skin can be controlled with topical skin care products

At the moment as science stands, this is not true. Oil production is triggered by hormones, and altering hormone production is not something available in a skin care product.

However, excess sebum (oil) can also be produced by inflammation and irritation of the skin, leading to further blocking of pores and even more oil, and this is something which can be helped by retinoids.

Retinoids, such as vitamin A or tretinoin can affect the shape of the pores so oil can flow more evenly, preventing further clogging. Certain masks and powders can also help reduce surface oils, but as yet no topical cream will alter the root cause of oily skin.

2. If you clean your face better you can clear up your spots

Another dangerous myth which can make problem skin worse by over cleaning. Acne is caused by a fluctuation in the hormones which affect the oil gland, over cleaning triggers irritation in the form of increased oil production, which can then lead to inflammation and further breakouts.

The best way of dealing with acne prone skin is to use a gentle cleanser which does not damage the delicate outer barrier of the skin, and a gentle exfoliator to remove dead skin cells to clear the pores.

3. Products labelled "hypoallergenic" are better for sensitive skin

This is one big untruth I expect a lot of us have been laboring under for years. "Hypoallergenic" is pure marketing blurb which tricks the consumer into believing these products are better for sensitive skin, and considering how many of us classify our skin type as sensitive, that presents the manufacturers with a hugely lucrative market to exploit.

There is no regulation anywhere in the world which controls what ingredients should go into these products and what should not. There are no approved methods of testing or guidelines for the manufacture of these products, and no procedures whatsoever to determine if a product should be classed as hypoallergenic.

4. Eating chocolate makes you break out in spots

There is no scientific proof to support this myth. It is known however that poor diet can irritate the skin and make spots worse, so like everything that is a little bit naughty, eat it in moderation within a healthy balanced diet and you shouldn't see any adverse effects on your skin.

5. Waxing or shaving will make hair grow back thicker

This myth has probably stemmed from an optical illusion, as shorter hair only seems thicker and coarser while longer hair appears finer. Re-growth from shaving or waxing is no different, so our regular trips to the beauty salon or missions with the razor will not make us any hairier in the future.


Behold the Metatron on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc!

Life is getting intense these days. The wedding is fast approaching and I am chasing my tail. I just got my second degree in Web Design (my portfolio needs some tweaks but have a look), went to Blogher last weekend, and on top of that I'm working 40+ hours a week. So, I don't have much to say today, but look out for a Make-Up Product Review, Blogher Tips and Thoughts, How to Cook Spaghetti Squash, and a review on a Booze Delivery service in NYC. Lots to talk about!

If you don't already do so... you can follow me elsewhere as well! I'm going wedding dress shopping this weekend and have a little wedding luncheon, so I'm sure I'll be posting some pics and tweeting nonsense.

Speaking of being super busy, I just finished my wedding invitations the other night. I'm sure I forgot something in someone's invite... the pressure! Look how helpful my cat was. Lounging in the far corner. Mocking my every move.



Guest Post: Lovely Hallway Decorating Ideas

Hello, all! It's Mari, here from Arcadian Lighting, the online place to find fabulous lighting fixtures of all kinds. I'm so excited to be visiting Behold the Metatron, with a guest post about decorating the hallway. Often neglected when it comes to decorating, hallways are considered (if they're considered at all) as passage ways to more visually interesting rooms. But, these narrow spaces are perfect for beautiful vignettes that show off personal style. They can also be turned into lovely galleries of art or photographs. Here are eight of our favorite hallways. Please enjoy!

Hallway Decor

Peaceful and harmonious, this lovely entry hall combines classic furnishings with casual styling. The woven baskets are unexpected but work well in the space.

Hallway Decor

Rustic meets traditional is this wide hallway. An eclectic group of decorative elements surrounds a narrow table created from a reclaimed tree trunk. Though diverse in their style, unframed art, coastal pieces and hammered metal vessels merge in one beautiful vignette.

Hallway Decor

A gallery wall of photographic art decorates this pale green hallway. Frames in a multitude of sizes, colors and materials make for an even more interesting display.

Hallway Decor

A staircase landing at the end of a narrow hallway offers a lovely light-filled space for this simple but beautiful eclectic vignette. I love the contemporary white light fixtures and the pale wood flooring.

Hallway Decor

What an interesting collection of furnishings and accessories this is. From the acrylic stool to the sophisticated floor lamps with the crisp black and white shades, this hallway grouping offers lots of eye candy for the passerby.

Hallway Decor

White framed and matted art in colorful hues seems the perfection choice for this white hallway. The bright colors bring such a happy vibe to the space.

Hallway Decor

In a lovely combination of contemporary and traditional, this short hallway is anything but bland and uninteresting. The ornate antique lighting fixture adds a jolt of the ornate.

Hallway Decor

A gallery wall of vintage photographs and subway signs in black and white is arranged above a long antique cabinet in this hallway with gray walls and what appears to be tin ceiling. White lamps and decorative objects along with tiny green topiaries lighten up the space. It's such a pretty vintage look. †Images†1†|†2†|†3†|†4†|†5†|†6†|†7†|†8 What did you think of these hallway decorating ideas? †Do tell us in the comments section! †Afterwards, head over to Arcadian Lighting for all your lighting and accessory needs.