Measure Up Your Dreams

If you’ve been fighting the urge to enroll in a culinary school, what’s holding you back? If you find yourself in the kitchen all of the time and happen to love cooking a variety of dishes that your friends and family love, chances are you will also succeed in school. Plus, you’ll learn skills that will help you become an excellent cook at a restaurant you’d love to cook at. So start cooking and find culinary schools that will be a good fit for you. You’ll learn many things along the way.

Basics of Running a Restaurant – Learning how to run a restaurant is important, especially if this is your dream. If you start running a business on your own but don’t understand the fundamentals, it may not work out the way you had hoped. That’s why it’s important to learn how to come up with a great budget for your expenditures. You will also learn about what else you will need to run a successful business.

Necessary Cooking Techniques – If you feel like you’re limited right now in regards to cooking techniques, going to culinary school will also educate you on how to cook certain cuisines. You will also learn special cooking techniques that are designed for professionals to know and understand. If you’d like to become a savory chef, for example, you will learn about different meat cuts, the ingredients that will make your recipes taste delicious, and all about the meats that you will prepare.

Aim for a Bachelor’s Degree – Of course earning an associate’s degree is fantastic, but you will certainly learn more by getting a bachelor’s degree instead. The more you learn and the more schooling you receive, the more you will understand. However, keep in mind that having a degree will not guarantee that you will become a successful chef. It really depends on how much effort you put into your career and it’s also important to make connections and continue to follow your dreams even if you may be turned down at times.

Yes, getting a culinary degree will no doubt be a lot of work, but it will be worth it if it is something that you love. Whether you are thinking of becoming a savory chef or a pastry chef, learn outstanding cooking techniques that will take you far. Learn how to run a successful business, prepare the food, and how to come up with new tasty dishes that anyone will love and your culinary schooling will help you succeed.

Sierra is a freelance writer who loves to bake. However, she definitely needs to take more time and learn the basics so that her dishes will be extra tasty.

A Fashion Staple for any Tall Girl’s Closet – Cowboy Shirts

Cowboy shirts are a fashion must-have and they are the ideal style choice for taller women given their immense versatility and the fact that ladies cowboy shirts can be made to fit more or less any outfit. Western style clothing is the perfect casual clothing choice and is just right for informal get-togethers and meeting friends. But don’t just take our word for it; let’s take a look at a few different ways of wearing women’s cowboy shirts to match your own personal sense of style: Casual 

Cowgirl Style:

Jessica Biel is a fairly tall celebrity, measuring around 5ft8” and she is really showing how to wear cowboy shirts casually here. Paired with a pair of leggings and a simple t-shirt below, it combines to create a stylish yet undeniably fashionable look. This is such an easy style for tall women to steal and no closet would be complete without a few items – such as the striking cowboy shirt sported by Biel to the left. It’s the perfect laid back look and it appears that she is wearing it on the way to the gym – so, cowboy shirts are really great for tossing on quickly and adding to your style considerably.

Stylish Western Wear:

Beyonce is well-known for her excellent fashion sense so we shouldn’t be surprised that she’s ramped things up a notch in the style stakes with her own take on how to wear women’s cowboy shirts. She has combined her Western wear with an eye-catching maroon leather jacket, casual jeans and red braces. It’s high fashion for sure but the basics of the outfit are likely to be found in any tall girl’s closet. If you want to try this look out for yourself, try various different styles and colors of Western wear and maybe different types of coat too – depending on the season. You’ll need a light, airy jacket in the summer months but will definitely need something a little more substantial in the cold winter months.

Vintage Cowgirl Style:

When it comes to celebrities who openly show their love of cowboy clothing, they don’t come much bigger than Miley Cyrus. The singer / actress is frequently seen wearing vintage cowboy clothing and it’s a look that she pulls off with some aplomb. For any tall girls who want to add vintage style cowboy clothing to their closets, it’s a great choice for autumn and summer when Western wear is at its peak. But, it’s fair to say, cowboy shirts are a look that never goes out of fashion throughout the year. Cowboy clothing is a great look for tall ladies and it really is amongst the most versatile and enduring styles for women of all ages.

Fun and Fascinating Facts about Food

No matter how old you are or where you are from, food is one thing that brings us together. Human beings all over the world need to eat even though the way that we grow and cook our food varies from culture to culture.

Food is a fascinating subject and there are so many interesting things to learn about it. Here are some intriguing food facts which might surprise you:

  •  Did you know that the UK produces more types of cheese than France? There are over 700 named varieties of cheese produced in the UK. However, when it comes to the amount of cheese consumed per person, France is still the winner.

  • Although they don’t taste like it, can you believe that lemons actually contain more sugar than strawberries?

  • The country in the world that eats the most chocolate is Switzerland. The people there eat an average of 10 kilos of chocolate per person per year.

    • The largest single source of vitamin C in the British diet is potatoes. There are 350 varieties of potatoes grown in the UK, each with a completely unique flavour.

    • Did you know that the most expensive coffee in the world is made from poop? The Civet is a cat sized mammal which eats the finest ripe Kopi Luwak coffee beans and then excretes them partially digested. The droppings are harvested and then sold to make coffee. This very expensive coffee costs up to £400 per pound and is sold mainly in specialist grocery stores in Japan and the USA.

    • What do you think is the largest single food item ever served? Perhaps it is the feast which is traditionally served at a Bedouin wedding? It consists of an entire camel, roasted and stuffed with the carcass of a sheep, which is then stuffed with chicken, which in turn are stuffed with fish, which are stuffed with eggs. It’s sort of a Russian-doll approach to cooking, I suppose.

    • The earliest archaeological evidence that human beings ate soup dates back to 6000 BC. It was soup made from hippopotamus. Yum! You won’t find that at the grocery store today!

    • Did you know that Worcestershire sauce, the traditional English condiment is made from dissolved anchovies? In order to make the sauce, anchovies are dissolved in vinegar until they are completely liquid including their bones.

    • Rice is simple, cheap, easy to cook and goes with so many different types of food. Perhaps this is why it is the staple food for 50% of the population of the world.

    • Despite the name, there is actually no butter in buttermilk.

    • Although they look like nuts, almonds are actually a member of the peach family, believe it or not.

    • Do you think you eat a lot? The average human being will consume 100 tons of food and over 12,000 gallons of water during their lifetime. That’s a lot of food!

    • Produce growers in Japan have started to grow watermelons in square crates so that they will take on the square shape of the container. Why? Because square watermelons are easier to ship and to stack on the shelves at the supermarket.

    • Did you know that a blue whale can survive for up to 6 months without food?

    • There are more than 2,000 different varieties of apples grown in the UK, out of the 7,000 varieties of apples all over the world. The seasonal climate of Britain produces one of the greatest varieties of vegetables in the world. 

    • Coconut water is not only delicious and healthy; it can also be used in emergencies as a substitute for blood plasma because it is sterile and has the right PH level.

    • Technically, a connected-together bunch of bananas like you buy at the grocery store is called a hand and each of the individual bananas is known as a finger.

    These are just a few fun and amazing facts about foods that you might not have heard before. Food brings us all together and it is endlessly fascinating!

    Author Bio

    Charlotte loves blogging about Fashion, Food and Drink covering a range of topics from high-end fashion to milk&more online food delivery. She likes to shop, discovering products and eating healthily.


    Look Before Leasing

    Five things to look for before signing a short-term lease

    A while ago, a friend of mine had to move to Denver for six months to train a new batch of employees for her company. When she arrived at her condo, the carpet was damp and the smell of mildew was like a smack in the face.

    Apparently, when the previous tenants moved out, they left the air conditioner running. While the condo was vacant, the unit broke and water leaked everywhere. On top of that, the owner refused to work with her in any sort of timely manner. From other stories I've heard about short term leases, this issue wasn't even close to the worst. That's why it's important to know exactly what to look for when leasing a living space, even if you only plan to be there for a month.

    The first thing to keep in mind is that there's not much difference between renting and leasing. However, there are different types of leases. The most common are periodic leases and term leases. A periodic lease is usually for a set length of time, such as week-to-week or month-to-month, and can be terminated with proper notice. A term lease lasts for a specific period of time, as written in the lease agreement, and cannot be as easily terminated. These details should be clear before you sign. Additionally, be sure to look for the following items:

    Responsibilities of Tenant: Look for any language that requires action on your part. Who is responsible for repairs? Do you have a parking space or is that a separate cost? Do you have to keep the lawn in a particular condition? Make sure any such responsibilities are clear before signing.

    Responsibilities of Landlord: Most states require that a landlord keep their property in a habitable condition such as insect- and rodent-free, no leaks, running water that's both hot and cold and properly sealing doors and windows. Check on any lengths of time given by the landlord to make necessary repairs or if you are expected to make them. The landlord might include additional provisions, however, so look out for this type of language and discuss any issues.

    Notice and Lease Length: The length of time needed for notice of lease termination should be clearly listed. If it seems too long, such as more than 30 days, be sure to bring this up. The specific length of the lease should also be clear in the contract.

    Security Deposit: Make sure you're clear on the language given for what your security deposit covers. If necessary, have the landlord specifically define what they consider to be standard wear and tear and what they consider "damages." State that you expect the money to be refunded, and get this in writing.

    Utilities: Who is responsible for paying water and electricity? This might be included in your lease or you may have to set it up individually. Be sure you're clear on what's covered in your monthly rent.
    What other questions do you ask before signing a short-term lease? Do you have any nightmare stories like the one my friend experienced?

    Kenneth McCall is a managing partner for storage.com. In this role he builds the systems that help customers find the bestself storage units for their needs. Through Kenneth's and his team's work customers can find Sacramento storage units and units in many other California cities.


    Creative Window Coverings

    Your windows take up a lot of real estate in your home or apartment, yet there remain surprisingly few options for creative window coverings for personalizing your home decor. Your options are typically to choose blinds or curtains, and then you have a few alternatives within those choices. Vertical blinds or horizontal? Heavy drapes or sheer panels?

    However, with a little thinking outside the box, you can create some creative window coverings that don't involve either blinds or curtains. Here are a few ideas for creative and unique window coverings to suit your decor:

    photo credit
    Shutters don't have to be just an outside window treatment. You can create some unique treatments by hanging shutters inside. You can hang them vertically as is traditional, or you can create a different look by turning them horizontal. Hang several shutters or just hang on at the top like a valance.

    Old Doors

    Cut old doors down to size or hang one the length of the wall to create a unique look in any room. You can even put the door on a hinge to allow it to open to let in light. Depending on the type of doors you choose, you can create a dramatic or somber atmosphere with this choice of window treatment.

    Beads and Garlands

    photo credit
    Beaded curtains were all the rage in the 70s. You can update this old classic with designer beads, pom poms, strips of tattered fabric, or even scarves. You can also make garland by stamping or die cutting shapes and attaching them to ribbon or string.  

    This type of window treatment is a great option for really expressing your own creativity and personalizing your room decor.


    Make the space work double duty for you by placing book shelves or other organizational units in front of your windows. You can transform these items into window coverings -- instead of making your friends think you just put furniture in front of your windows -- by putting them on casters so they can be "opened" to let in light and placing decorative contact paper or fabric on the back to create a nice effect for those looking in from the outside.

    Think beyond curtains and blinds for your next room redesign, and you may find some options for a truly unique look for your room.

    What creative coverings have you used for window treatments? Tell us about your ideas in the comments!

    Kay Winders is presently the resident writer for http://www.badcreditloans.org, where she researches the best way for people to pay off their debts without damaging their credit. In her spare time, she enjoys freelance writing, the beach and gardening.


    Vegetarian... Vegan... or Beef Enthusiast?

    I'm starting to feel sluggish. Sure, it's probably the fact that I have a cold that has made it's way down to my chest, or the fact that my wedding is in 10 days... but I feel off. Usually when I feel this way I take a step back and look at my diet to reevaluate things. Yes, I could totally be eating healthier and exercising more, but even on the days/weeks I commit there is still something off. My joints are out of whack, my feet hurt, my energy is way down (no I'm not prego)... and that's when I remember the 2 years I was a vegetarian. I felt really good most of the time (digestive system was like clock work) and when I stopped feeling good I ate meat again... and felt great. 

    So I'm thinking I'm at that point to go back to the Veggie side given that my body reacts to change so well. After my wedding filled with Italian meat, and the honeymoon filled with South African BBQ of course!

    So what about you? When you change your diet, whether it's going from no meat to meat, or all of the sudden no dairy, how do you feel? Does the change last or do you have to just do it in spurts?

    My favorite Vegetarian Dishes:
    Vegan Vegetable and Bean Saute


    5 Inexpensive Ways to Get a Great Smile

    If you've been thinking about improving your smile, now's the time. Here are five easy ways to get a great smile without breaking the bank. First, check in with your dentist for a regular check-up and cleaning. A healthy mouth is the first step to having a great smile.

    photo credit
    In-Office Whitening
    If you're looking to brighten up your smile, talk to your dentist about in-office whitening. Treatments take one to six visits, with three being the average. ZOOM! is an in-office procedure where a whitening gel made up of a 25 percent hydrogen-peroxide whitener is placed on the teeth before they are exposed to a laser to quicken the gel's effectiveness. The price typically starts around $400.

    Professional Whitening Trays and Strips
    Professional strength whitening strips prescribed by a dentist contain a higher concentration of peroxide than over-the-counter strips. The strips will cost about $40 to $100 depending on the product.

    Another option is dentist-customized whitening trays. The percentage of peroxide in the pre-filled trays is almost double what you see in over-the-counter kits. Take-home trays and bleaching gels will brighten your teeth in about seven days. Patients wear these custom trays, which are filled with active whitening ingredients such as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, for 30 minutes during the day and then four to six hours at night. Custom application trays with bleaching gel can be found for as little as $130 but are typically priced from $300 to $800.

    Over-the-Counter Products
    There are a lot of over-the-counter products which have whitening properties. Store-bought whitening kits feature trays, whitening strips or paint-on gel. The higher the peroxide percentage on the film, the less time you need to place the strips on the teeth. These products aren't as effective as professional whitening treatments, but they may do just enough to brighten up your smile.

    Special Toothpaste
    All toothpastes help remove surface stain through the action of mild abrasives. When you see toothpaste with a "whitening" label, it means that there are special chemical or polishing agents that provide additional stain removal effectiveness. 

    photo credit
    Invisalign is a great option if you struggle with crooked, crowded or improperly spaced teeth. These "braces" are clear plastic aligner trays that offer a more aesthetic solution for orthodontic treatment than traditional braces. Treatment time can last up to 18 months and can cost about $5,000. However, the costs may be less for a short course of treatment or if only the upper or lower teeth require correction.

    Guest blogger Jennifer Vishnevsky is a writer for www.TopDentists.com, an Everyday Health website, as well as other lifestyle media sites.


    How To Cook A Tasty and Healthy Salmon Recipe

    Salmon is considered to be a very health food and there is nothing better than a tasty recipe with all the needed nutrients and energy. Most of the people think that only a professional cook can provide delicious food and a person who does not know much about cooking can not make a good recipe. However, there are many tasty recipes that need little cooking experience. In this article, we will tell you about one such recipe which even amateurs can easily cook. This is a quick recipe for which you only need 20 minutes and only some ingredients. The best part is that this recipe is beneficial for your heart and helps you lose weight.

    Instructions to Cook A Healthy Salmon Recipe

    1) There are many websites like Salmonrecipes which you can consult before making this dish. First of all, you will have to prepare a cooking sheet or pan for the salmon. This is very simple and does not take much time. You will also need an aluminum foil on which you can place the salmon. You should fold the sides. This will make sure that healthy salmon does not fall off and therefore, does not get wasted. When you place the salmon on an aluminum foil, make sure that the healthy side is facing upwards. This will make sure that it reflects most heat.

    2) Once you have placed a healthy piece of salmon on the sheet, you will have to brush both sides with olive oil. Olive oil is very healthy for your heart and arteries. It is also rich in unsaturated fats which reduce any sort of inflammation. Olive oil also reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. As mentioned earlier, all these benefits lead to a healthy heart. Moreover, olive oil also helps you in losing weight. The best part is that salmon itself is rich in unsaturated fatty acids known as Omega 3.

    3) The next step is to add some healthy spices to the salmon. You should remember that our main focus while making this dish is to keep it healthy. You can add spice as per your taste. But we will focus on spices which are healthy and have some nutritional value. Some good examples are dill, turmeric, parsley, cumin and many others. These spices are not only healthy, but also add flavor and taste to your recipe. With this addition, you are almost done with your cooking recipe.

    4) Once you are done with the preparation, its time to finally cook your Salmonrecipes dish. Set your oven to broil and let it heat for a few minutes. After 3 or 5 minutes, put the salmon in the oven. Cook the salmon for about ten minutes in the oven. When you notice that both the sides are lightly broiled, check the inside of the salmon. It should be soft and juicy. Take a bite to make sure that it is properly cooked. Your tasty and healthy salmon dish is finally done. You can now serve it with dressing.


    5 Outrageous House Designs

    Outrageous house designs come in many shapes and sizes, and range from historical masterpieces, to more recent commercial designs. Some projects have been ongoing for decades, while others have been designed around a specific theme or event. Their outrageousness can be understood, in this sense, through the innovative nature of their architecture, materials, and placement within a lived space. With this in mind, some of the most outrageous house designs that can currently be visited around the world include:

    1 - Steel House, Texas

    Architect and sculptor Robert Bruno began work on the ‘Steel House’ in 1973, and it has been an ongoing project ever since. Located in the Texan town of Lubbock, the building represents a steel structure that stands on four leg supports, and that has been progressively expanded since the foundations were laid. Bruno views the Steel House as more of a collaborative work of art than a fixed property, and has gradually added in design features like stained glass and new stories to the house over the years.

    2 - Dar al Hajar, Yemen

    Originally believed to have been part of an eighth century stone table, Dar al Hajar in the Yemen was renovated by a 19th century Immam to become a palace literally carved out of the side of a mountain. The palace has watchtowers, and is located near to the Souk Al Wadi village, and sits within a vista that offers views over the Yemen landscape. Floors have been added to the palace over the years, with the whole construction itself representing a merger of the natural landscape and architecture.

    3 - Upside Down House, Poland

    House upside down

    Daniel Czapiewski designed the Upside Down House as a statement against the Communist regime in Poland. The house, completed in 2006, is supposed to comment on the now deposed Communist Party’s distance from reality in its policies. The house attracts millions of tourists a year, and took 114 days to complete. This was partly due to the workers having to take a break every three hours as a way of fighting the disorientation caused by the strange angles of the building.

    4 - Toilet House, South Korea

    Suweon mayor Sim Jae-Duck, now known as ‘Mayor Toilet,’ commissioned this $1.1 million property as a tribute to the Inaugural General Assembly of the World Toilet Association. The building, known locally as Haewoojae, is shaped like a giant toilet, and has a roof top balcony that can be reached through a winding staircase designed to look like a drain plug. Made from steel, white concrete and glass, the Toilet House itself holds four deluxe toilets, and was intended to showcase ideals for sanitation for South Korean citizens.

    5 - Crooked House, Poland
    1. The Crooked House (Sopot, Poland)

    Another Polish entry, the Crooked House is not technically a house at all, but rather part of a shopping centre. It was designed by Szotynscy and Zaleski as a tribute to the fairy tale artwork of Jan Marcin Szancer and Per Dahlberg, and represents a sloped and distorted building that looks more like an optical illusion than anything else. Covering 4,000 square metres, the Crooked House was completed in 2004, and has recently been joined by the nearby Wonky Pub.

    Author Bio: Liam Ohm is a regular home improvement blogger with a keen interest in wacky ideas for the home. He highly recommends stylish and versatile venetian blinds to help add a great look to your windows.


    Race for the Kids

    An exciting 4k Run/Walk will take place next Saturday (the 29th) in Riverside Park. Race for the Kids is the 8th Annual Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City RBC Race for the Kids part of the Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play!  This event helps the BBBS of NYC raise $1,000,000 to support their goal of ensuring that all children achieve success in life.

    Here's a great video to tell you more about the event:

    For more information on the event check out the BBBS Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Website.


    Top celebrities fashion tips

    Everyone can have the impeccable look of a celebrity. Celebrities use the services of professional wardrobe stylists to select their outfits and other accessories for different kinds of events. Stylists give them good advice and tips to help them look better. That is the main reason why most celebrities look fabulous on different occasions even if they are not perfect. Many celebrities are just average people like every one of us and have lot of imperfections.

    Below are some fashion tips and advice to look chic and trendy like celebrities:

    Bring Out your Assets

    photo credit: Christina Saint Marche via photo pin cc
    Try to hide imperfections and bring out assets of the body when dressing. Every person has problem areas on his/her body. This makes it difficult to find the right clothes and accessories that match their shape. Clothes can help hide the less than perfect points in your body and make it look like an ideal one. Perfectly chosen clothes along with accessories can help in achieving a figure that is worth of envy. For e.g. if you have wide hips, select those outfits that are flattering on your body and which help in hiding the larger parts of your body.

    Use Shapewear

    Most celebrities use shapewear to make their body suitable for certain types of outfits. Shape wear is a good body-shaping item and helps in taking off a few inches from your body when it is needed without much effort. Shape wear is invisible, body-friendly, and very light in weight. Buy some pieces of shapewear in various styles and colors that fit well on your body. Remember not to wear shapewear which is too tight so that you do not feel uncomfortable in the middle of a party.

    Shop Only for your Size

    Many people make the mistake of buying larger clothes in the hope of hiding imperfections on their body. But, large clothes make a person look bigger than what they actually are. Wardrobe stylists always suggest to not hide behind larger looking clothes. Therefore, whenever you are buying clothes remember to buy tighter ones so that they stretch a bit with wear and later suit your body shape perfectly.

    Always have Basic Pieces in your Wardrobe

    Apart from buying the trendiest items, always remember to have the basic items which are indispensable. These basic pieces help you to mix and match outfits for every kind of occasion. Some of the indispensable items for your wardrobe are: white shirts, white t-shirts, blue jeans, pencil skirts, black sweaters, sporty jackets, cardigans in different colors, etc.

    Focus on Accessories

    Accessories are equally important to clothes to make you look good. Buy the latest and trendy accessories like hand bags, belts, scarves, jewelry, and sunglasses that can complement a stylish outfit. You can get many of these accessories for a cheaper price in the end of the season and festival time sales.

    The above fashion tips can help you to create a wardrobe that helps you in looking chic like a celebrity everyday when you go out for a coffee, go shopping, or attend any other event.

    About The Author: Kelly is a writer. She loves writing, traveling and playing. These days she is busy writing an article on fashion. She is happy to read more about celebrity net worth.

    2012 Women's Watch Trends

    iResearching the 2012 trends for women’s wrist watches has identified three trends which are synonymous throughout the fashion industry; the jewellery wrist watch, the clasp bracelet watch and the strap and chain watch for women. The women’s watch industry is an interesting entity. Whereas many men are prepared to spend more on their watch than they do their car, women are always much conscious about their style and fashion. Therefore men buy brands and women buy style. A wrist watch is mostly worn by women as an accessory which means that many women have a large collection of stylish wrist watches, which essentially accessorize individual outfits. Wrist watch trends for women in 2012 are as follows:

    1. Jewellery Wrist Watches
    Jewellery watches are very ‘2012.’ These watches are synonymous with fashion and style. Ladies use these watches for formal as well as casual occasions. The colors and metals representing this trend are diamond and gold which give the overall image of being glamorous and wealthy.  

    2. Clasp Bracelet Watch Trend for Women 2012 
    Clasp bracelet watches are a huge 2012 wrist watch trend.  

    3. Strap and Chain Watch Trend for Women 2012 
    Strap watches and chain watches are also key trends. These watches are usually made from leather, plastic or metal. Chain watches portray a vintage-look which is favored by many who follow fashion trends. WRIST WATCH BRANDS 2012 There are numerous famous brands of watches that are favored by women. These include the following: 

    · Rolex Watch Company 
    · RADO Watch Company 
    · OMEGA Watch Company 
    · G-Shock Watch Company 
    · PAUL Picot Watch Company 
    · BREIL Watch Company 
    · SECTOR Watch Company 
    · SIEKO Watch Company 

    Vogue magazine has cited an additional wrist-watch trend:  

    4. Colourful designs 
    G-SHOCK is celebrating its 30th anniversary by teaming up with Fashion Wast designers Sibling and Maarten van der Horst on two very colorful new watch designs - and they're as summery as can be. "The tropical and leopard prints of Sibling and Maarten van der Horst represent the fun spirit of Fashion East, making them the ideal designers to collaborate with G-Shock." http://www.vogue.co.uk/jewellery/news/2012/06/19/g-shock-watch-collaboration-with-fashion-east---sibling-maarten-van-der-horst 

    Vogue has also noted the opening of Harrods Fine Watch Room, home to Europe's largest watch collection. Five exclusive watches have been created in celebration of the launch including Breguet's ruby-set bracelet watch and Corums elegant rose gold and crocodile design, which will of course fit into 2012’s ‘must-have’ watch criteria. 

    In addition to this, thirteen own-brand boutiques were launched, and a further 22 brands, ranging from Montblanc, TAG Heuer, Bremont and Philip Stein, making the Fine Watch Room a great place to start looking for women’s wrist watch trends, 2012.    

    About The Author:  
    Laura Susstance is a freelance content writer from England, her specialties include financial and fashion orientated content. She has recently been contributing to http://www.watchharbour.co.uk due to her love of watches.


    Fall Into Fall Fashion Gracefully: Fall Fashion Must-Haves

    Labor Day, also known as the farewell party to our beloved summer, has come and gone. Now we must finally come to grips with the fact that fall and winter are on their way. Gone are the days of flip flips, sun dresses and shorts. While this may seem a tad depressing, fall actually makes way for several extremely fashionable looks. Here are a few must-have ways to layer on the style for the fall and winter season.


    Blazers are the perfect way to add a polished look to almost any outfit. Add a blazer to a pair of jeans, skirt, or even a dress to create a stylish look. Invest in a few fashionable blazers, and you’ll be able to put together outfits in minutes.

    The Perfect T-shirt

    The perfect T-shirt is an essential item to have for every season. The perfect layering tool, add a T-shirt under sweaters or even blazers to add extra warmth and comfort to any outfit.


    You can never have enough T-shirts or sweaters. Sweaters come in a variety of colors, styles and materials. From ponchos to cardigans to turtlenecks, sweaters are the perfect fall or winter top to pair with skirts, jeans or even to wear over a dress.

    The Perfect Pair of Jeans

    We all know how hard it can be to find that perfect fitting pair of jeans. I am a firm believer in sticking to what you know once you find the brand that suits you well. Get quality jeans that are made to last and you will definitely not regret your investment. Pair a great pair of bootcut jeans with your favorite booties or a straight legged pair of jeans with stylish riding boots. Don’t think just because it is the fall you can no longer play with colors. Grab a pair of colored jeans to add a pop of fun color to any outfit. Stick to fall hues like this burgundy pair of jeans, pair it with a black top and stylish blazer, and you have the perfect fashionable, yet comfortable outfit for a quick night out on the town.

    With these fashion tips you can transition into fall fashion gracefully and fashionably. Remember: just because the weather may be a bit grim does not mean your wardrobe has to be!

    These style tips are from Caché. Caché is a specialty retailer of fashionable women’s clothing for the style-conscious woman. Visit Cache online for these looks and more today. 

    Timber: the Best Word for your Interiors

    Timber is also known as lumber. It is a wood which is used as structural material for construction or wood pulp for paper production. It is bestowed in both types of production be it rough or finished product.  It is used for many purposes especially for furniture making. It is mostly supplied to the construction industry. There are myriad numbers of companies who supplies these timber wood for making your beautiful furniture and utility items for your home. They add a traditional yet modern look to the interiors of your homes. These are not only used for furniture making but also for fencing, decking, plywood, cladding and landscaping material.

    Also following things should be kept in mind while purchasing timber wood:

          It should be pest free.
          It should be ready meeting all the environmental requirements.
          It should be a quality product and that too in the competitive prices.
          There should be experienced and skilled staff ready to guide you for all the relevant information.
          The timer merchants reading should have onsite cutting services as per the requirement of the clients.
          There should be delivery services of timber to your door.

    Apart from all the above mentioned points one should always keep in mind that timber merchants reading should have efficient capabilities of providing timber and should deliver them on time. Merchants providing timber should have a team of expert professionals and they should completely focus on quality and not quantity. Especially, they should be pest free as it is the biggest problem prevailing in timber.

    There are plethora amount of companies providing timber through internet also so it becomes very easy for you to approach such companies and get the wood as per your requirement from the company portal easily. The customer services provided to clients through such portals are as follows:

          Delivery: Such companies deliver timber products to your doors and that too without any charges.
          Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions created by the company are as per the requirements of the customers.
          Store Location: There are myriad numbers of store made by such companies at different locations.
          Environmental: Use of timber in such companies are certified in nature.
          Contact Page: Contact page of the websites of such companies consists of all the data including address, phone no, email id and even forms from where you can contact the merchants directly.

    And not just this, furniture but also get the timber for moulding and flooring, fencing and landscaping, thermal insulation and timber and sheet material. Quality should be of prime concern in case of timber as if it gets affected by pest very easily and then it will finish all your beautiful furniture, fencing etc. Also you should be careful that the merchant through which you are taking timber should be certified so that they have proper certification in supplying the timber products.

    Hence what are you waiting for? Come and get the best timber for you to furnish your homes in the most beautiful manner. Give the best look to your homes!

    Author’s Bio:- Mike is a freelance writer and he loves to follow the latest social trends. He writes about travel, home décor, locations etc. He loves to travel and make new friends.


    Why Are Cruise Ship Holidays So Popular

    photo credit: ecstaticist via photo pin cc
    Cruise holidays have always been popular among the masses. Thousands of people go on cruise holidays every year. Almost every one of them has an exhilarating experience. On the other hand, there are many people who want to sail the seas but do not book cruises because they do not know what they are missing. Booking a cruise holiday provides many benefits and we will discuss some of the important ones in this article.

    Why Should You Prefer A Cruise Holiday

    1) Flexibility - Stringent and strict time schedules and routines are what you are trying to escape on a holiday. If you are stuck in these, your holiday will not make much sense. Most of the cruises like P and O cruises provide flexibility. You can go for a small trip or book a cruise for a whole month. Moreover, you will have flexible choices even when you dock at port. You can go for half day or full day excursions. You can even travel on your own if you want to. Moreover, cruises are also flexible when we talk about activities on board. There are a lot of different activities to suit every age group, gender, background and physical limitations. You can go for a spa treatment if you want to or you can play tennis. You can even watch a movie without going ashore.

    2) Facilities - Most people think that cruises are expensive. However, they provide value for money. Cruises provide a person with world class facilities. You can enjoy luxurious amenities at an affordable price. When you travel and stay in hotels, the total amount can be compared with the cost of a cruise. However, you enjoy the ocean along with a world class experience when you are travelling in a cruise.

    photo credit: Christian Lambert (catching up) via photo pin cc

    3) Comfort and ConvenienceCruise ships always provide comfort and convenience. A person’s holiday starts as soon as he gets on board. Moreover, you do not have to pack and unpack at every new destination. You also do not have to co-ordinate with any travel agent and travel plans set up by others. You can easily relax when your cruise is between ports. You will not have to visit railway stations and airports to catch trains and flights every now and then.

    4) Experience - When you book P and O cruises, you will discover a new and unique experience. It will be very different from going on a usual holiday and staying in hotels. You will have an exhilarating experience. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy many activities and facilities once you are on board. There are swimming pools, spas, bars, restaurants, nightclubs etc.