Six Ways to Clean with Lemon

Forget about cleaning products accumulated in your cabinet that just occupy space, damage your skin and you pay a fortune for them. In your own fridge you hold one of the most powerful "cleaners", which smells very nice and is completely natural and harmless for your health – the lemon. What makes lemon a powerful tool for cleaning? Its high acid content, which allows the fruit to work as a powerful disinfectant and "killer" of most common bacteria in your house.

Here are some ways to use this fresh natural product not only for drinks but also to clean and refresh your home.

1. Let's polish the cutlery
When it comes to brass, copper and chromium, any method can't help you save your old, favourite set.  As already mentioned, lemon juice is very high in acid, which allows it to "penetrate" deeper and clean-up discolored patches on your cutlery. For more shiny result, dip half a lemon in a little salt before rubbing. It will act as an exfoliant and, that way, forks and spoons will be more glamorous than ever.

2. It Is Time to Clean the Bathroom
Instead of scrubbing tiles, the tub and everything else in the bathroom with irritating chemicals, you'd better try this homemade recipe for guaranteed sanitation: squeeze 6 lemons and pour the liquid into a bottle with a nozzle. Spray all the contaminated areas. Citric acid will dissolve the accumulated dirt. Thanks to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of the lemon, your bathroom will be sanitized and disinfected perfectly.

3. To Wash the Windows
Just 4 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon in a bucket of water is enough to wash your windows perfectly. Again, citric acid, with its powerful properties, dissolves the dirt and water stains from windows, leaving them extremely shiny. Without chemicals and odors.

4. Refresh the Microwave
The residual smell of popcorn, pizza or anything else that you cook in the microwave can be quite irritating. But you can easily deal with it – take a lemon and cut it into very thin slices. Take a bowl, suitable for microwave, arrange the pieces of lemon, pour boiling water on top and "cook" in the microwave for about a minute and a bit. Thus, citric acid, with its antibacterial properties, will kill the bacteria gathered in the oven, and the moisture from the evaporating water will facilitate the cleaning of the burned grease. Then, just wipe on with damp cotton cloth and you're ready.

5. Shiny and Clean Dishes
If you are not satisfied with the quality of your washing detergent, just cut a lemon in half, sprinkle it with baking soda and use it instead of the sponge. You will note how the acid literally melts the fat, leaving your dishes perfectly clean and shiny.

6. Fresh Fragrance from the Laundry
If you like the smell of lemon and want a very strong disinfection of your dirty clothing, it is enough just to add one teaspoon of lemon juice to the laundry detergent and, that way, to get a wonderful aroma coming from the washing machine.

Cindy Davis is dedicated writer and blogger. She is mainly focused around home maintenance and home improvement projects. Therefore she presently contributes articles on efficient green domestic cleaning


Sandy Aftermath in NYC

Every street is different in NYC right now after Sandy made landfall last night. While my block was spared, just down the street an apartment's parking garage was flooded, trees down, the power out, and the entire road slicked with fuel and oil. The rain has started up again and the police are patrolling the closed down FDR telling everyone to get inside as high tide is approaching again.

Seeing all of the devastation on TV and Twitter brought one thing to mind. It was something our Ranger/Guide in Africa told us while on a drive. He said life can be summed up in three words: Patience. Luck. And Mother Nature. The words sounded cool while in the bush, but they are that much more powerful to me today. That's all it is, folks! Patience. Luck. And Mother Nature.

Yeah... that's safe for kids...


Hurricane Sandy...why-yi-yi-yi

Hurricane Sandy is getting close and everyone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan has torn through the snack aisle. We stocked up yesterday, but then I realized Wednesday is Halloween (my favorite holiday) and I have not carved a pumpkin. So we ventured out into the calm before the storm in search of a pumpkin, and Cascade. Just because there's a Hurricane coming that doesn't mean you can be sloppy!

In all seriousness though, as I believe in juju, I hope this is all hype.
Last year I wrote up a prep list when Irene hit.
Here it is if you still have time, and the stores are actually still in stock!

Ideas for stocking up:
(take out cash from ATM in case electric goes and you can't use cards)
fiber one bars
milk powder
canned salsa recipe:
(canned corn, diced tomato with chilis, beans, olive oil, limes)
tortilla chips
canned tuna or salmon
dried fruits
peanut butter
lots of wine

for those of you who save individual packets of ketchup, mayo etc... nice work!

don't forget your furry friends:
water for them
cat nip for cat lovers...
bones for dogs
one of these grass things for dogs
have their leashes and carriers ready

other staples:
charge the iPads and iPhones!
first aid kit
toilet paper

And last but not least. Take a shower. Clean the shower. Then fill the bath tub up with water.
You may need it later to flush the toilet!



Easy Roasted Drumsticks

Hey everyone. We are back from our honeymoon in South Africa. I honestly do not remember a thing from the wedding just a day prior to our departure. All I can think about right now, are the beautiful lions and leopards from the Safari! As I go through the 1,000's of pictures we took, I just want to go back and watch them in the wild.

Anyway, after we edit down the photos and videos, we will put together some amazing articles and tips for traveling to South Africa. From shark diving to the winelands, you will be amazed at what this lovely country has to offer.

And with that little tease, I will leave you with the first meal I made when we got back. Nothing liked roasted chicken to make you feel at home!

All you need is the type of chicken you want (in this case drumsticks), 1/2 lemon cut into slices/wedges, 5 plum tomatoes quartered, 5 garlic cloves peeled and smashed, fresh rosemary and thyme, salt and pepper, 1 tablespoon butter and 1/2 cup white wine.

Just grease the pan with a little Olive Oil, then add the chicken, lemon, garlic and tomato and distribute evenly on pan. Season with salt, pepper, and sprinkle the fresh herbs around the meat. Pour the wine over the chicken evenly. Cut the butter into dabs and put one on each piece of chicken. Let roast in a 375 degree oven for about 30-40 minutes (basting every 10) or until the skin is nice and crispy. Let sit on counter for 5-10 minutes before serving.



Losing Weight the Right Way!

Today's post is filled with very SIMPLE steps to be healthier...

Want to lose weight in a healthy manner? Then, never go for crash diets. It is also not recommended to indulge into some rigorous workout training. Always remember, the human body is no machine or computer program; it prefers slow changes when losing weight is concerned. A person who has never exercised and presently is trying hard to shed some flab, should never rush through the workout process. Start slowly and then try to increase on the intensity level. With increase in stamina and energy, the workout intensity level will also improve automatically. But hurrying at the initial stages can lead to injury. 

Similarly, starving is not a solution to losing weight in a healthier way. It can result in severe health deterioration. After all, the human body needs certain amounts of calories, nutrients, proteins, and vitamins to survive in a healthier way. Losing weight through extreme starvation will weaken the body. Health will get affected in a negative way. In the next few lines, certain tips will be provided that ensures that weight loss takes place in a formidable way without creating any negative impact on health.

Focus on weight loss but not through starvation.

The human body needs energy to breath and survive in this world. And energy is produced only through proper intake of food. Excess energy is stored as fat. So, starving is not a solution. Rather, eat properly and not greedily. Eating in excess will result in gaining weight. So, eat the right amount. Eat foods that are low in calories. And indulge in some workout sessions like cardiovascular activities, swimming, volleyball, skipping, etc at least 3-4 times a week. Following this procedure will definitely help in reducing weight and shedding flab without causing any negative impact in the body.

Changes need to be made gradually

photo credit: Sakurako Kitsa via photopin cc

Always remember that small changes can well make some vast differences. Slowly cut down on the calorie content. It will not happen in a day. Never worry! Slowly reduce the calorie intake. Say for example, someone eats chocolate bars on a daily basis. Try to restrict it to 6 days a week. What happens? A day without chocolate can be experienced. The addiction slowly goes out. Then, cut down one more day from the week to eating chocolate. It will take time, but the end result will be magnificent. 

For breakfast, try to avoid white bread and opt for brown/whole wheat. Then, include slimmed milk in the diet and eliminate full fat milk. To remain in the best of shapes, maintaining such diet charts is a necessity. Those who love rice, they should include brown rice in their diet chart. Eliminate sugar from the diet chart. Taking sugar in tea and coffee on a regular basis can be disastrous to health. Once in a while, sugar can be included in hot beverages but not regularly.

Increasing the workout level

photo credit: J.C. Rojas via photopin cc

Be physically active. It is not mandatory to hit the gym on a regular basis. At times, it can become quite boring and monotonous. Some easy activities to shed that extra flab are walking, taking stairs instead of lift, swimming, joining dance classes, and some cardiovascular exercise. Slowly, try to improve on the workout intensity level. These three points need to be followed properly if there is a serious concern to lose weight in a healthier manner.

About the author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She is a proud nerd and works with Orlando it consulting firms.


Yacht Vacations: The Ultimate Freedom And Relaxation

photo credit: marcp_dmoz via photopin cc

Going on vacation is a time for recharging your batteries and spending quality time with your loved ones. A vacation on board a yacht is the best way to do this and see exotic places at the same time, with the wind in your hair and the sea spray in your face.

Yacht Charter
Not owning your own yacht should not stop you from having your dream vacation. Many yacht charter companies have a variety of craft available for yacht rental vacations. These range from one or two cabin yachts to catamarans and large luxurious craft with room for ten guests in roomy state rooms with en suite bathrooms and extensive entertainment facilities. The large cockpit has air conditioning; there is a generator and electric winches and bow thrusters make handling of the craft a breeze.

Supplying Your Own Crew And Provisions
If you are an experienced skipper, a good choice is a 
bareboat charter yacht. There is no crew attached to this kind of charter and you are also responsible for supplying the provisions for the yachting vacation. This kind of yacht charter is usually for a shorter period of time.

Yachts With Crews
For the ultimate yachting holiday with no responsibilities except to enjoy yourself, charter a yacht with its own crew geared for
yacht rental vacations. Your every whim will be catered for and the chef will spoil you with individual requests and special diets if necessary. On the larger yachts the crew have their own quarters and facilities and you can have complete privacy.

Deciding On A Destination
Deciding where to go on your yacht vacation is quite difficult nowadays. One of the most popular places to go is the Mediterranean Sea. Your choice here is wide as Nice, Cannes, Monaco, the French Riviera and the Greek Isles are all destinations frequented by yachters.

For something a bit different, you can visit Ibiza. The world's clubbing capital, it has a throbbing night life, foam parties and pulsing electronic music that draw the younger crowd. By day the beauty of the island will captivate you. Dubrovnik in Croatia is fast becoming the darling of the Mediterranean life; it is relatively unspoilt and definitely less crowded than the traditional yachting spots, yet every bit as beautiful and welcoming.

The Caribbean has always been popular for yachts to travel to. Because large cruise ships also move among the islands, a quieter spot is Martinique. This well run country is a lush tropical paradise with rain forests and the Mount Pelee Volcano. The Spanish Virgin Islands have beautiful quiet beaches and fascinating glimmering plankton in the Bioluminescent Bays.

The coast of Labrador offers a unique experience with quaint little fishing villages and a profusion of wild life along the rocky coastline. Sometimes you can encounter a drifting iceberg even in the heat of July. Sailing up the mighty Amazon River is an exciting experience, especially if you are in the comfort of your air conditioned cabin. The knowledge that there are piranhas in the water will add spice to the adventure.

The Galapagos Islands with their wildlife and volcanic activity have been drawing more and more visitors recently. An added benefit is that the islands are not navigable by huge ocean liners and therefore more private. Sailing down Africa around the Cape of Storms and visiting the stunning wild coast of south eastern South Africa will show you a world so different from sophisticated countries with jaded tourists.

Wherever the wind takes you and your yacht, you will be able to experience places that the average tourist will never get to visit.

John Winston writes regularly on yachting and boating holidays for a range of travel websites and blogs on yacht rental vacations and bareboat charter yacht. He has travelled extensively with his family to all corners of the globe. His two sons are experienced yacht builders and sail makers with their own companies.


Affordable Fashion – Sales & Discounts in Online Stores

We’re always looking for affordable clothes, but to have both affordably and quality is only possible when sales and discounts hit the large stores. At the end of each season, department stores will offer insane discounts on everything from their previous collections. The great thing about this is that you save lots of money and still get to buy modern and high quality clothes and half the price (sometimes even less). There’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s the way things are in the fashion industry – women have known about this for a long time, it’s only natural that men get in on this too.

Where is the best place to find discounts and sales? Well, online, naturally! Make sure you know all your measurements before you find an online store and then begin shopping. This way you can avoid the crowds, all that standing in line and walking for hours on end. A great thing about online shopping is the fact that you have easy access to all the discounts, whenever you feel like it. It’s the middle of the night and you feel like buying a nice pair of jeans, then turn on your computer and start surfing. The item will be delivered to you shortly and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t fit, then you can always return it. You can find really affordable Calvin Klein shirts, Michael Kors coats and Ralph Lauren sweaters at great prices – it really is a great way to add to your clothes collection and still have a few bucks left in your pocket. The other great thing about shopping online, except avoiding the crowds, is the large variety of clothes at your disposal. You can browse through 50 pairs of pants in one minute – that exact same task would take at least 20 minutes in real store.

You can also access more online shopping sites at the same time and compare prices on identical or similar articles of clothing. This way, you’ll know for sure that the price you’re paying is a good price. Also, when you go out, you pay for gas, food and you end up being so tired at the end of the day that you can barely walk. With online shopping, it’s a breeze. You can sit down comfortably in your chair, eat a sandwich, browse through all the categories, choose whatever you like and have it delivered at your doorstep.


Terrifying Recycling

It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, there’s a chill in the air, and all the ghouls and ghosts come out to play. That’s right, it’s almost Halloween. But remember it’s not just about candy; it’s about making your home look as scary as possible. Lots of retailers sell Halloween decorations, but if you want to decorate on a budget how about creating your own spooktacular decorations from items you can find lying around the house.

Yard Cemetery

If you’re having a party why not turn your whole back yard into a cemetery, or even have gravestones running alongside your path creating a spooky trail for trick-or-treaters. Cutting cardboard into different shapes and painting them dark grey gives the impression of tombstones. Writing sayings such as “R.I.P.” or “Here Lies…” can give them a sinister edge, before sticking a garden stake onto the back and planting it into the ground. To make them look even more authentic try gluing some moss or grass onto the corners to give them a further distressed look.

Giant Spiders

Spiders are scary, everyone knows that. So why not create a giant one to hang from a tree or put on your shed, you could even create more than one and make a cluster of giant spiders. Firstly you need to fill a garbage bag with something soft, such as leaves, newspaper, or packaging materials; then tie the end to create the spider’s body. To create the legs you just fill one of the bags along its length, and wrap the bag over itself repeatedly. Tie the end with tape, a cable tie, or any other implement you can think of; do this seven more times to create the rest of the legs and glue them to the body.

Specimen Jars

If you’ve got any leftover jars or beakers you can make a table or sideboard into a mad scientist’s workstation. By finding some eerie objects and placing them in glass jars filled with water and a drop or two of food colouring you can create a simple yet imposing visual effect. Using objects like plastic spiders, fake fingers, or dolls heads can be made to look absolutely terrifying using the appropriate mood lighting.

Ghost Lantern Walkway

By saving milk cartons you can find another way to use them and produce some petrifying recycling. To create the lantern effect all you have to do is draw a face onto the milk carton using a black marker pen, cut a hole in the bottom, and put some artificial candles or white Christmas lights in the hole. This simple yet effective decoration can be placed along the garden path or positioned in your porch to create an eerie aura.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to create your own frightening decorations this Halloween, and if you enjoy crafts you’ll probably already have the necessary equipment to create your own chilling Halloween decorations.


Work it Out – Finding Workout Apparel that Makes You Feel Fabulous

We’ve all been there before. You’re enjoying a great zumba class and meanwhile the girl nearby is looking amazing in her workout gear that seems to work perfectly for her body type. Meanwhile you find yourself in workout clothes that date back from High School that are overly snug. Instead of comparing yourself to the girl who’s got the moves down in your zumba class, why not revamp your style? There is a way to find gym apparel that will make you look extraordinary with shopping smarts and  coupons,   no matter what body type you may have.

Try Things On

If you like to buy things without trying them on like me, you may find yourself disappointed when you get home and discover that your trendy workout clothes don’t fit the way you would have liked them to. It may be a pain to find the nearest dressing room while you’re still shopping, but think of the time and money it will save you to try things on to see if they even work for you first. I’ve spent a lot of time taking things back instead of trying them on. In comparison, I’ve tried things on that I didn’t think they would fit only to discover that they work well for my body type quite well! So it doesn’t hurt to try things on and you may be pleasantly surprised what you end up buying and going home with.

Are You in Your Mid Twenties? Try the Women’s Department

Recently I’ve made the switch from the juniors department to the women’s department. Now, before you sigh and wonder why, hear me out. The women’s department actually offers clothing that will not shrink (what a concept) and it works better for curvier women (or have muscular built legs like me.) If you are petite they still have great options for all sizes. I like the women’s department because you can find the basics and if you are in your late twenties like me, it’s a great time to find quality clothing that will take you into your thirties and beyond.

Be on the Watch for Sales and Look for Coupons!

I love shops like Target and TJ Maxx because they usually have sales going on, which makes shopping more affordable and fun. Plus, you’ll find name brand workout clothing like Lucy, Nike, and more. It’s nice to workout in style and even more it’s ideal to find a quality brand name that fits you well and that you love. Be on the look out at affordable shops that sell your brand name clothing at an affordable price and you’ll be all set to go. Now it’s time to hit the gym and your classes feeling confident with your new clothing that looks fabulous on you!

Sierra is a freelance writer and owner of Paige One. She’s also a writer for  JoeShopping.comand website where you’ll find coupons and more so that you can locate the perfect workout clothing!

Guest Post: The Boot Blog's Italian Entertaining Tips

Today's amazing guest post is from Marissa of The Boot Blog.

Here in Barletta, my friends love to get together for dinner parties on Saturday nights. We drink wine, compare recipes, share stories and laugh a lot. We almost always finish off the night with a stroll to the busy piazza where we buy gelato and discuss what the best flavor combinations are. We love to cook together and make meals like this one, super easy and super Italian!

First, I would put out bowls of these amazing roasted salty almonds for my guests to chomp on as they sip wine and wait for the pasta water to boil.

Then we'd have this very easy to put together, but surprisingly delicious, lemon pepper pappardelle as our first course. 

 And finally, these eggplant bruschette, no bread necessary! 

And there you have it, the perfect Italian dinner party! If you'd like more easy, authentic Italian recipes, check out my e-cookbook, "ten [easy] italian recipes"! Thanks for having me today Kristen!


Fix Up Your Pantry with a Payday Loan

Autumn gives us the best foods - plenty of fruits and vegetables for us to get through the winter. You need be somewhat organized to be able to fully take advantage of this wonderful time of year, but to do that, you must have some cash to start your little winter project. You can apply online for a payday loan and find out if you got the money in a matter of minutes. For example, www.speedyloan.com can give you up to $1,500. Once you find out if you qualify, you apply for the loan and the money can be in your pocket as soon as the following day.

Use the short time it takes for the money to arrive to make a list of fruits and vegetables you want to store. Now that you have money you are free to do whatever you want to fix up your pantry; here are a few tips:

• Buy vegetables in bulk, wash them and cut them up. Drain them before putting a sizable portion in a Ziploc bag, get all the air out and close it. Continue until all the vegetables are cut up and placed in bags. Put them in the freezer and you’re done. Now every time you want to cook something up, just remove one bag of peas, or green beans, defrost it and use it! This is a great method to save up money during the winter time - the price of vegetables can sky rocket during the cold season. Another tip – if your freezer is small, consider investing in a large freezer. Use the loan and make sure you get a freezer that will fit all your food for the winter.

• How about canned fruits? Choose a pressure cooker canner and you won’t regret it. You’ll thank yourself in the middle of the winter when you take out a can, open it and enjoy a piece of peach.

Take care of your family and pantry; don’t let the winter time catch you unprepared. Payday loans are a safe and fast way to get money. For  more detailsremember you can always use the Internet. What’s important, though, is that these loans are flexible - you can choose the method you will use to pay back the money and most importantly, they are fast! Choose from fixed or flexible rates or just choose to pay everything back at your next salary. Just remember, autumn provides a small window of opportunity to get ready for the winter, seize the moment!

Boys will be boys in Florida

Traditionally stag nights were just that, a single night out with mates more often than not ending with the groom compromised. Naked and tied to a lamp post was favourite or at least that’s what has been portrayed in popular culture.

Over the years stag nights have progressed from one night to whole weekends with Amsterdam scoring high on the list. However, it’s now not uncommon to take a whole week or two, combining the celebrations with a holiday abroad. This is no surprise really when there are cheap Florida holidays available to add a sense of adventure to the occasion, as well as guaranteeing fun in the sun.

All boys together

So what’s the best way to spend your last days of freedom before the ‘trouble and strife’ puts the kibosh on future holidays with your mates? Obviously you want to make it a stag do to remember, which is why  multi centre holidays   USA could be just the ticket. Why settle for one destination when you can pick several in America to enjoy?

A hole in one


Now we’re not saying you boys are competitive but daylight hours could be well spent on the golf course indulging in a little healthy competition. Florida is renowned for its fantastic pristine courses with 1,250 on offer. Orlando and Miami are top golfing destinations with a high concentration of championship and signature courses designed by golfing legends. This should up the ante nicely.

Boys’ toys

To indulge your competitive side even further, Florida’s golden sand beaches are home to a huge array of water sports. Remember the ladies like nothing more than watching a pack of guys showing off in the water. Choose your prop... jet-ski, surf board, inflatable banana... and start performing. If you’re bereft of a six-pack make sure your swimwear is up to spec. Speedos are definitely a deal-breaker and will have the ladies returning to their copies of Fifty Shades of Grey without a second look.

Boys will be boys

Without wishing to stereotype, which is unavoidable here, guys on stag dos are generally seeking a different kind of entertainment to let’s say ladies on hen dos. For instance a night of drinking Cosmopolitans is more likely to appeal to the ladies, whereas let’s be honest, a night of drinking full-stop, is where the guys are at. We’re talking different end goals here but that’s okay. The ladies will be striving to emulate the girls in Sex and the City and the guys will be battling it out for last man standing.

So where better to show off your male prowess than at one of Miami’s hotspots? Head to exclusive Nikki Beach Club for the ultimate beach party and nightclub. Make sure you dress sharp, flash your bulging wallet and restrain from dad-dancing. Continue the clubbing vibe at MYNT and Louis and Set.

Hit the sack

Gulf coast villas are a popular choice for stag holidays without the restrictions of hotel accommodation. You’re free to come and go as you please, whenever your bed might be calling. They are perfect for large groups and are generally more cost-effective too.

Author Bio
Charlotte Rivington writes on behalf of Ocean Florida, actively blogging about Travel, Food and Drink and covering everything from reviews to exciting news.When she is free she loves to write about her experiences.

How to Find the Right Moving Company

So you're off to a new start in life, moving in in a new home somewhere far away and you need a moving company to help you get on your way? You look online and you see there are plenty of opportunities to choose from, however you need to know that choosing the first thing you see may not necessarily be the best choice. With a little bit of research and a few tips you can find out a lot more about the market so you can make that best choice thus saving money, time and the frustrations of dealing with problems which might arise by making the wrong choice. Here are some basic guidelines on what to keep in mind when looking:

1. Look for information online

The most logical and simplest thing to do is to check the company websites where their services are described in detail including testimonials pages where guests or clients have shared their opinions on the company services. Another good place to look for those are websites which offer business reviews or even business directories which often have reviews as well. Most of those are relevant and they can be used to have an accurate assessment on how well a company operates. Facebook pages and whatever other type of social media are also useful since most of those companies also have one where people share their opinions.

2. Call company offices

Getting quotes over the phone is free with the majority of those companies and by the way they answer your questions and they ask you questions in return you can get a sense of how well they work and how experienced they are at what they do. Don't worry about answering their questions as the more information you give them about items the better estimate they'll be able to give you in the end. The information you will get over the phone however is only a rough guess since most companies can and will send a representative to take a look at things and not any problems that might arise during the move.

3. Ask for identification and drug test background checks

Good companies have employees which pass these screenings and they have the documents to prove it. Working with companies like those is preferable to working with contractors since you don't want strangers in your house you don't know handling your household items and hauling them off if they can't prove who they are. Make sure the drivers and workers have the right paperwork and driver's license for the job. It may seem like being a bit paranoid, but its always better being on the safe side so you can avoid potential scammers.

4. Ask about their insurance policies

Great removal companies cover their clients by making sure they are responsible for any damages during the move as is proper. Do keep in mind however that accidents happen no matter how professional a company may be, since no one is infallible. In the event of something like that remain calm and ask for compensation. 5. Make sure you have everything organized

Make sure you have all pathways unobstructed and clear and everything is boxed and prepared for the move. Although some companies offer packing services you can usually avoid the extra charges by preparing for this yourself to speed things up. Companies will often offer you ways of dealing with problems which may arise.

Ella Andrews is writer and blogger with great flair for home decoration and home maintenance themes. She is focused on writing the best possible way and she regularly contributes articles on handy moves london removals thematic.


Guest Post: Emily's Love Story

Today's Guest Post is a True Love Story from Emily at Amazing Grapes!

I can barely breathe, and it’s not just because I’m sick. I’m impatiently sitting on my couch with my phone sitting next to me waiting for this man to call.

A man I’ve physically never met before. A man I just gave my phone number to, while IM-ing 10 minutes earlier.

Emails with pictures have been exchanged back and forth for 2 months, IM-ing for 1 month; as we get to know each other more and more. We’re going back and forth and he suggests this night, that he call me. My palms get sweaty. I quickly type I’m sick and not sure it’s a good idea, since my voice is gone.

He assures me he doesn’t mind. Yet, I stress again that I lost my voice and joke that I sound like a man. He writes, ‘haha’ and again says it won’t bother him.

I give him my number and say, ‘give me 10.’

I’m nervously sitting there staring at my blank tv wondering what he’ll sound like. If he’ll be as interesting as his emails or as funny. Wondering if he’ll like me, find my voice too deep, not mattering it’s because I’m sick, or find me too sarcastic.

I think back to the first email he ever sent me and how after reading it, I walked to the mirror and stared at myself feeling butterflies in my stomach from just his words alone. And wonder, how, with not even knowing what he looked like, his words could effect me in such a way. Realizing that this feeling hadn’t been felt for anyone in years. Then suddenly…

The phone rings.

Read part two here.


The Best Sliding Glass Door Treatments

Choosing window treatments for sliding glass or patio doors can be a bit confusing. You want it to look good with your decor and function well. But what’s out there other then vertical blinds? In this article you will find six alternative treatments that work out great.

Vertical cellular:

This is a cellular shade in a vertical position that slides back and forth on a rod that is similar to drapery rod. Many companies make these each having a little variance. Most popular is vertiglide by Hunter Douglas then Ovation made by Comfortex. Spring Window Fashions, the parent company to Bali and Graber make slide-vue and verticell. The distinctive feature for these are you can slide either way, left to right or right to left. It offers a clean look with no strings so it is safer for children.

Vertical Sheers:

A vertical blind with sheer material attached over it. Most companies have there own version and operates just as a vertical blind. The sheer is one piece that is fabricated to attaches onto each vane.

Sliding Woven Woods:

This is one of my favorites though not many companies make one. It is a woven wood material in a vertical position that is attached at the top to a rail that allows it to easily slide back and forth. Sometime you will find it grommeted at the top in which it will slide on a wood pole. There are no cords and operates simply by slining by hand. 

Panel Tracks:

Also referred to as sliding panels or elance. Panel tracks are strips of material about 18 to 35 inches wide that hang from a rod and draw like draperies. There are several panels depending the width. When you slide them to one side they stack over one another. The materials are available in woven wood to sun screen. Most companies make there own version the difference is usually how the rod is constructed and how the panels attach to the rod.


Made by Hunter Douglas. It’s kind of hard to describe but I’ll give it a try. Picture this a vertical blind with the vanes made out of a firm but softer material and each vane is connected by sheer to create a continuous treatment the width of your slider. It has two controls, one to draw it to one side and the second to rotate the vanes to control light and privacy.

Roller Shades:

I mention these because I see more people putting them on there sliding glass doors. There’re not using the more traditional solid material over there sliders but sun screen fabric. They want to filter out the sun but still want to see out and this offers a good solution.

Well there you have it, six treatments you can use on sliding glass doors. Choosing something that is going to make a big statement can be a bit scary. At least now you have some knowledge to make a more informed choice.

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Repainting With Style—At an Affordable Cost

Repainting your home is one of the most affordable and yet most effective things you can do to give the place a new look. It’s the perfect way to change things up and make a dramatic difference in your home, and do that with only a little work and investment. Repainting has the potential to be a great project for you, for your friends, or for your family, a project that everyone can get involved in and have fun with.

You might be wondering why you should attempt to repaint things yourself when you can just call in a service to take care of it for you. After all, they know much better what to do to make things look good, and they’ll certainly get the job done faster than you will. But they will also charge an arm and a leg to do the job, and why should you pay extra for someone else to do a job you can do perfectly well yourself?

Repainting with style is a project that you should consider doing yourself, because not only will it save you money it will also provide you with a fun project that can help you express your creativity and artistic side. If you’re worried that you don’t have an artistic side, don’t worry—you can look at tutorials and read step-by-step guides on how to do any of the styles that you want.

The tutorials for painting, trimming, stenciling, and decorating online can help anyone who wants to paint their houses to do the job as stylishly and effectively as any pro would. You can learn to paint your house with tasteful color combinations, interesting textures and effecting, and beautiful patterns. Almost no matter what look you have visualized in your mind as the final effect of your home, you can learn how to do it with online tutorials.

If you need money to be able to afford these things, don’t worry. Money is easier to come by than you might expect, because you have  payday loans  available to you whenever you want. These loans are the simplest loan option for homeowners who want to accomplish home improvement projects, including repainting and restyling the interior of their homes.

All you have to do is find an online lender, provide all the  details  they require in order to apply, and then receive approval for the money you need. It will be sent to your bank account, and you can spend it immediately to buy the materials and supplies you need to give your home a new look.

Colorado – Seeing is Believing

Colorado, with clear Blue skies and high mountains, has the tranquility we all seek. What better place to spend your vacation? From Leadville, the highest city in America, where you feel you could almost touch the clouds, to Royal Gorge, dropping a thousand feet to the Arkansas River. Colorado has it all, whether you are an artist, looking to paint the scenery of the many mountains and lakes; a train enthusiast, interested in finding the steepest rail road incline in the world; or a nature lover, excited by taking many walks and witnessing the natural beauty Colorado has to offer. Opera fan? Why not visit the Tabor Opera House in Leadville, open in the summer, with tours taking you not just to the front of the house but backstage too. See how the performers get ready for shows by visiting their dressing rooms.

Don’t think Colorado is just for those seeking a quiet vacation. The Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area is well-known for whitewater rafting and kayaking on the Arkansas River, giving thrill seekers that extra buzz. Located 52 Miles West of Denver is Ski Loveland; it’s ideal for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders alike. For the kids there is tubing – remember getting an old tyre and sitting in it going down hill in the snow? This is the same principle, but a lot more fun for all the family to do. We can think of no better place for hikers, too. Enjoy the major mountain ranges, some with summit elevations of 14,000 feet. Of course Colorado also has plenty to offer for a family vacation, with its fine food restaurants, serving freshly caught fish and local game. There’s also a wonderful range of fresh fruit and vegetables for the vegetarians.

Take the children to see Buell Children’s Museum. The 12,000 square foot facility has many activities for children of all ages including exhibits of art, science and history. Experience life in a mountain cabin and feel a part of the country itself. Colorado Springs, has a mild climate all year around and within just a few hours’ drive you can not only visit the mountains to ski, but also go golfing on a fine choice of course-. North Cheyenne Canon Park is a must on any to do list; it’s 1,600 acres and open all year-round and will keep one occupied for hours. Although there are too many places to list we have to mention Glenwood caverns adventure park, with cave tours, rides and attractions. Dare you try the Giant Canyon Swing, launching riders 1,300 feet out over Glenwood Canyon? Or try the zip ride along 600 feet, bungee jump, and try a game of laser tag. See a 4D movie, or try and beat the kids on the climbing wall. Why not see where Butch Cassidy & Sundance made that famous leap, or where City Slickers was filmed. We cannot forget the horse lovers among us, or those of us who would love to know what it was like in the days of the Old West. The opportunities are endless to go horse riding. Whether you are experienced or not, ride through quiet forests, with only the sound of the animals and the quiet breathing of the horse. You’ll be relaxed after the ride and you can then go back to your lodgings with a lung full of fresh air and a true feeling of accomplishment, ready to sit down to a fine meal and an aperitif. We could fill a book with all the things one can do when visiting Colorado, but as they say there is only one way to find out the real Colorado and that is to experience it for yourself.

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How To Dip Dye Your Hair

Vogue Australia
Lately, fashion trendsetters and followers have been going crazy for colored hair. Some girls are testing the full-out rainbow effect, while others are going for just a few colored strands. Lucky for you, there are many ways to get a great range of color on your hair, and we’ve got the simplest steps right here!

1) Prepare Yourself

Neglecting to carefully prepare your locks will result in some serious damage to your mane. It's crucial that you are buying the right products and understanding the process before beginning. Various websites and salons offer differing advice on how to color your hair, so make sure to do your research prior and find the guide that is right for you. Also, look at pictures to see how much of your hair you want to dip dye. Once you have decided how and what color you want, you can begin the process.

2) Bleach it Baby!

First, you are going to need to bleach the ends if your hair is dark or colored. This will give you a fresh palette to work with. You can buy a toner or bleach at hair supply stores. Again, bleach is a very powerful and possibly harmful chemical to use on your locks. Make sure to read instructions carefully and speak to the beauty store associates for additional tips.

3) Curl Up and Dye

Once the bleach has stripped the tips of your hair of any pigment, it will be time dye. Pick the color you want and apply it all over the base of the bleached section. Avoid getting it anywhere else on your hair unless you want to look like a leopard. You may want to wear an old tee shirt during this process because it can get messy. Paint the dye on little by little so that you do not overdo it at first. However, once you have placed your desired amount of dye on your head, then you will ready to let it sit for at least twenty minutes. 4) Work that Conditioner!

You will need to wash the dye out of your hair once you have let it sit long enough (each dye has differing times--check the back of the box for clarity). Also, you should not use shampoo for at least 24 hours so that the color will have time to saturate your hair to its core. Use a strong conditioner as well.

Remember that your dip-dye hair will need to be taken care of properly if you wish for your strands to remain healthy. This means that you will need to deep condition the tips weekly to keep them from getting dried out. You may also want to use color protection to keep the color from fading. No matter what color you decide to use, make sure that it compliments your skin tone so that you do not looks too washed out. You want to look edgy, not sickly! Regardless, your DIY dip dye job will definitely amp up your look.

Janelle Willis is beauty and fashion buff and is also a contributing writer for homeownersinsurance.org