Age Gracefully and Take Care of Yourself at Any Age with Proper Health

I love today's article below because for the past couple of years I've been thinking about the things I do and how it will affect how I look later. From exercising, to eating lots of fruit and veggies, healthy fats, drinking water and so much more... we can really turn back the clock in a way. Don't you think? I honestly do not remember the last time I tanned. I used to BAKE!

If you are a superwoman in today’s modern age you’re probably feeling the pressure of juggling a number of roles including being a wife, mother, and not to mention an employee for the company you work for. Unfortunately all of these roles keep us so busy that it is often times hard to take care of ourselves when in fact your health should be your top priority.
It’s hard to think of it now, but it’s important to prepare for your life in the future by taking care of yourself now. Whether you plan to have children or not, later in life you will have to experience menopause. Take care of your body now in your younger years and menopause won’t be as difficult to go through when you approach your late fifties or early sixties. In fact, it’s never too early to start taking care of yourself and balancing your hormones with great supplements for your period and later menopause by heading to great sites like Seven Seas. Eating healthy foods and exercising consistently will go a long way in increasing the efficiency of your body and it will also makes it easier for you to face body changes in the future.
Eating a well-balanced diet not only helps women achieve a beautiful and natural glow that can’t be found through makeup, but exercising will help keep your body fit. As you exercise and eat well balanced meals daily, this will help counter any challenges that may come your way. Thus it becomes easier to deal with the transitional problems as you become a mother, and later an aging woman who still maintains her youthfulness.

In order to achieve a healthy lifestyle throughout your life, you need to begin to make changes now. Don’t only make diet changes, but lifestyle changes too. Think about implementing vitamins and other supplements on a daily basis.
·   Take supplements that have the right vitamins and minerals, which are essential for proper nutrition. Consider taking supplements such as Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, vitamin B3 and B6, vitamin C, and more.
·      Maintain the correct estrogen levels by taking supplements like phytoestrogens. These are found in soy products, kidney beans, and other food sources.
·      Include antioxidants in your diet by taking advantage of fruit teas and chamomile.  Stay away from select teas and caffeine.
·      Pay special attention to your digestive system and maintain a healthy diet so that problems like flatulence, stomach aches, and ulcers won’t crop up.
·      Omega 3 and Omega 6 are known as good fats and these vitamins play a very important role in the proper functioning of a woman’s body. Hence, incorporate fish, nuts and seeds into your diet.
·      Proper detoxification of the body also needs to be carried out from time to time. It is essential to drink plenty of water so that any toxins in your body can be washed out of your system.
Seven Seas products help you achieve your health goals and also help to alleviate a lot of problems faced by women today. Also it is a well-known fact that investing in positive health changes today will definitely help you in the future. Hence it is imperative that women change their outlook on life and realize that they can’t do it all. Start living a healthy lifestyle today and every day.

How to Clean Coffee Stains

It’s fair to say that each of us has spilled coffee in their lives, whether it was just a few drops or a crashed cup on the floor and a huge nasty spill all over the area. Coffee spills are so common, that learning how to clean them successfully is a must. If you love coffee, this skill will come handy at one point. Even if you are extra careful, spilling coffee is quite common and even if it’s somebody else’s fault, you could still end up with a stained clothing or carpet. Here are the steps that you have to take in order to clean coffee stains from fabric, upholstery or carpets successfully.

First and foremost, treat the stain as soon as possible. If it happens in the morning, just before you leave for work, soak the garment in liquid detergent and cool water and leave it like that. The stain will most probably be gone by the time you come home from work. Coffee stains are “combination stains” if you use cream in your coffee, which will require some additional steps when cleaning a garment.

Step 1: Presoaking the clothing is a must and it’s the first thing to do, especially if you are going out and you don’t have time for proper stain removing. Pour some liquid laundry detergent (about two tablespoons) in a gallon of cool water and put the garment inside. You can leave it like that for overnight or throughout the work day. Usually it requires about half an hour for the detergent to work its way through the fibers. If there was cream in your coffee, make sure that the laundry detergent contains enzymes. Use a prewash stain remover to pretreat the stained area. Wash the fabric in the hottest water and add some chlorine bleach if you find it necessary. You can use a homemade remedy for treating coffee stains. One of them is soaking the garment in baking soda and then blotting the stain with a cup of white vinegar, cool water and dishwashing detergent. As a final step, pour boiling water all over the stained area so the coffee can go through the fabric. This natural solution gives great results, but it could take longer. Another way is to use glycerin, which is a vegetable based product that’s part of many soaps and lotions. You can soak the garment in cold water and glycerin, rinsing gently.

If you have to clean coffee stains from upholstery, take a clean cloth and blot the spill as much as possible. After that, sponge the area with a solution of cool water and dishwashing liquid. Don’t use more than a tablespoon of the dishwashing detergent – more amount of the product won’t give better results, but it could even have a reverse effect. Once the stain is completely gone, blot dry the area. Have you ever spilled coffee on your favourite carpet and failed to remove the stain completely? The way to clean your carpets is the same as the upholstery – the right mixture of water and dishwashing detergent, lots of gentle blotting and drying. This technique is somewhat slower, so if you prefer you could look for a commercial stain remover which is powerful and effective.

Each of these methods can give perfect results if you treat the stain as quickly as possible, instead of postponing it. Standing next to the stain wondering how could this happen won’t help you, so grab your cleaning gloves and start cleaning.

Bio: Cindy Davis is blogger, writer and housewife. She likes writing about home improvement and home maintenance topics, including household cleaning. Her present article includes helpful and useful tips on how to clean coffee stains easily.


3 Hot Travel Destinations for 2013

2013 promises to be a fantastic year for travel. The world is getting smaller every day and far flung destinations are becoming more and more accessible. This includes destinations that you would never have dreamed of visiting in the past because you thought they were too dangerous, too unknown or just too expensive. With so many fantastic deals available these days, there are very few places in the world which fall into these categories any more.

Below are 3 of my favourite travel spots and ones which everyone should try and visit in 2013. From the exotic to the enchanting, there is a great mix for everyone….

Hot Destination 1: India

India is a unique and interesting place to visit. With its mixture of ancient, religious and modern lifestyles, it has a variety of languages, religions and cultures. This makes it an ideal place for the tourist who wants to explore various aspects of a country and culture. It also has a great array of history, textiles, spices and luxury goods.

There are various modes of transportation in India. From the traditional modes such as cars, taxis and trains to more uniquely Indian modes like cycling and rickshaws. If you opt for the latter then make sure you have a good cycling travel insurance policy as the roads in India can be overwhelming and dangerous.

If you want to see a lot of India in a relatively short amount of time then you can always take internal flights to get around a bit quicker than on a rickshaw! Internal flights are cheap with airlines like Tiger, Delta and Malaysia Airlines so you can choose which option you prefer. With a country as big as India it can be difficult to see all the attractions you want, but if you definitely want to see the Taj Mahal as well as relaxing on the beach in Goa then a flight will be a must.

nd dangerous. can be overwhleming e sure you have a good cycling travel insurance policy
Hot Destination 2: Russia

There is a certain allure to travelling to the largest country in the world. Russia has a long and interesting history and many tourists flock there every year. The landscape is mainly wide plains, hills and thick forests. Although many popular attractions are around the bigger cities of Moscow and St Petersburg, there are some great ones out in the countryside too.

That doesn’t have to be the sum of your holiday in Russia though. If you are particularly adventurous, you may find yourself trekking or camping in the area. It also has many mountainous areas with great attractions to explore off the beaten track.

Hot Destination 3: Malta

Malta is a melting pot of cultures in the Mediterranean. It has influences from North Africa, Arabia and Greece making a visit here extremely distinctive. The deep blue skies, sunny days and expansive beaches are a great place to enjoy a relaxing, fun holiday. The vibrant nightlife provides you with great spots to interact with people, not to mention the tasty food.

Although it is small, the island puts on many festivals throughout the year, especially in summer. Some of the more popular ones are the Mediterranean Food Festival and the Malta Fireworks Festivals. A quieter experience involves enjoying steep cliffs, gentle slopes and exploring the architectural brilliance of the islands. Or alternatively, head to an uninhabited island to wander around explore. For something slightly different on a holiday in Malta, you could rent a farmhouse on the quieter island of Gozo and soak up the sun in peace, spending the days scuba diving and snorkelling in some of the most beautiful seas Europe has to offer.

So there are some possibilities for a fantastic holiday in 2013. Whether you’re looking for some paradise on the beach, an adventure filled exploration or a city break packed with culture these 3 countries will more than impress. So when you’re organising your travels for 2013 look beyond the usual destinations and try something slightly different….

This is a guest post from John at Top Backpacking Destinations


Favorite Sag Awards Styles

When I was younger, I always loved watching the award shows. Nothing was more entertaining than watching actors enjoying their nights of self-indulgencies. I watched the pre-shows and the red carpet specials all the time... I even taped them (such a loser). I will admit I miss them now after not watching for a while. Here are some of my favorites from the Sag Awards this past Sunday. I mostly focused on hair and make-up because I really could not be any farther from knowing anything about fashion than I am right now!

And a quick note if anyone actually reads this blog... please advise that I am no longer accepting guest posts from "content writers" nor will I actually post your spamming/anonymous comments. No offense... but you are driving me nuts! And you probably aren't reading this because you are a robot.  If you are a blogger, and a real person, please do not hesitate to contact me for a guest post or advertising. :o)

Anyway, back to the lovely ladies...

I will admit that I was not a fan of Jessica Chastain's look at the Golden Globes. I thought the color of the dress and her make-up completely washed her out on camera. But I loved her Sag Awards look. Especially her hair and make-up. Much more flattering this time around. Red heads can't go wrong wearing red either!


Jennifer Lawrence's look was a nice surprise for me. She usually goes for a super smokey eye, neutral lips, and her hair pulled back; along with a dress that is super young and fresh. However on Sunday, she went for a more "old Hollywood" look. Her face really popped on camera. It was a nice change and it made her look more mature. Not that she didn't before but she is so young to begin with.


Insane acceptance speech and shoes aside, I actually liked Claire Danes' super fresh fair complexion paired this those dark red lips. She has the pearly whites to pull it off and these days she's a little wacky so I dug the edginess of the lips and skin tone on her.


I don't think Kerry Washington ever looks bad so that's all I have to say about her...


And last, but never least, let's talk (gawk) about the best hair of the night: Bradley Cooper!




Big Brothers Big Sisters Event Next Week

Another great event next week with Big Brothers Big Sisters...
Anyone work with this organization?
 I don't know about you guys, but this sounds like fun. 
Love mixing cocktails with sports and good causes!

ToC Pong Kick Off Event
·         Wednesday, January 23, 2013
·          6pm – 8pm
·         SPiN NY
·         Tickets will give attendees access to reserved courts, beer, wine and light hor d'ourves
·         $60 per ticket purchased online, in advance.  $75 at the door


Global Street Fashion

An interesting article on global fashion trends! I've seen so much on my adventures. Which global style is your absolute favorite? I love the European Bohemian styles in Barcelona and Florence.

Street fashion always reflected raw and chic elements of style together. These days, fashion has become truly global in every aspect. The more the street fashion gets global, the more gets complicated. The world is a global village, not only on internet, but also around the street. Global street wear fashion is highly influenced by local culture and international style. People around the world blend and create complicated and confusing styles on the street.

Global street style is a meticulous combination of personal sense and aesthetic. This combination look is complicated but it is carefully crafted. Women are extra cautious about fashion trends and at the same time they add personal touches to their outfits. Men's fashion also takes global influences in the form of scarfs and pants. Here we take a look at global street fashion from around the world.

Color blocking is the latest trend which many are trying. Original influences behind color blocking come from Africa and many have accepted it. A combination of pink, coral, lavender, purple and blue has been seen on many ladies. Color blocking is a bold style, which otherwise hardly used in formal wear, but is now seen from evening gowns to office wear.

Vintage is the influence which never goes back to. Whether it is accessories or clothes. The most visible vintage influence is jewelry. Big cocktail rings and chunky bracelets are often preferred around the world. Here another bold trend emerged with rings. Big rings sometimes replaced with long metallic rings influenced with Thai traditional golden nails. Studded bracelets are now filled with charms and chunky accents.

The most complicated yet beautiful transformation on the street is neck design. Around the globe unlimited styles and textures of neck pieces are found in street fashion. Colorful beaded African styles, wooden and chunky pieces, pendants and pearls with metallic strands. From golden chains to antique jewelry, everything is on the same street.

A Singapore girl will have high waist pants with wedges, where a Barcelona girl will have leggings, a vintage skirt and ultra high shoes. New York ladies with shorts and cardigans go for a modern nostalgic blend. Tokyo fashion is highly street wear style where as European street fashion is more ramp wear. The common thread among all street fashions is the scarf. The scarf has taken all dimensions covered; around the neck or tied on bags with some ladies. Scarves are also worn by men, now with some Arab impressions. A Vancouver girl will have classic checks on her shirt with Middle Eastern scarf around her neck.

Jeans are worn globally in various forms. Denim now also comes in accessories and shoes, besides clothes. European street style will have high heels with bags and formals with a twist of leather and irregular patterns. Harem pants derived from Asian inspiration now seen as unisex style. Many youths on the street wearing different versions of harem pants do so for casual or formal wear.

Pleated long flowing skirts on the street are a reminder of Bohemian styles. Paired with casual t shirts or formal jackets, skirts often reflect the local cultural impression.

To sum up global street fashion in one category is impossible. Global street style is simple yet complicated at the same time because it is highly personalized. Global street fashion has no competition but itself.

About The Author: Kelly is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to World Financial Group. Check here for more on World Financial Group



Without a doubt, red wine stains are some of the nastiest, no matter the surface. Moreover, everyone knows they should be careful with red wine, yet accidents do happen in the middle of enjoying a sip and before you know it, your clothes, carpet or sofa are ruined and you have no idea what to do. Red wine stains seem to be some of the most dreaded ones, as people simply assume that they cannot be entirely removed. In fact, this is not the truth at all. Just like any other stain, if you act quickly and treat the area as soon as the stain happens, you have great chances of removing the whole stain. Whether it’s a bright or dark red stain, make sure that you grab your cleaning solvents and work the area as these stains set in quite quickly.

• Removing red wine stains from fabric and clothing: First of all, soak the piece of clothing in cool water and leave it like that for about half an hour. One tip, claimed to be working miraculously, is soaking the garment in white wine or milk, but it’s best not to experiment especially if you really want to save the clothing. You can sprinkle some salt over the stained area, but this method doesn’t always work. Second of all, use a laundry pre-wash stain remover to pre-treat the stain. You could also use homemade recipes which are Eco-friendly and simple to prepare. Third of all, wash the garment using chlorine bleach or a color-safe bleach. After washing, check if the stain has any residue, before drying it. If the wine is still visible, repeat the first two steps.

• Removing red wine from upholstery: If you have had the misfortune of spilling red wine all over your sofa or armchair, do not despair – you can remove the stain, but you need to take action immediately. Blot up the stain as much as you can and try not to spread it any further. The liquid penetrates the fabric quickly and it can set in there forever, if you don’t remove it within the next few hours. Mix dish-washing liquid and cool water and sponge the stain with this solution using a clean cloth, ideally white. Blot the stain until the solution is absorbed and repeat the first steps if the stain is persistent. After the stain is completely removed, take a white cloth, soak it into cold water and sponge and blot dry the area. Don’t use too much water or you could ruin the upholstery. If you want quicker drying, take a hair-dryer. If the stain is really stubborn you can use dish washing soap and hydrogen peroxide – one of the best homemade recipes for cleaning red wine stains.

• Removing red wine stains from the carpet: Cleaning the carpet from red wine is somewhat easier than cleaning upholstery, because you can use more water and different solvents. However, the same tips for cleaning upholstery apply for carpets. Rub the area gently, but be careful not the spread the stain onto the fabric. These tips guarantee good to perfect results, but if you want to be extra sure, buy a commercial cleaner that’s specifically made for treating wine stains. If you are a red wine lover, then you must have the right cleaner too, just in case.

Bio: Cindy Davis is blogger, writer and housewife. She likes writing about home improvement and home maintenance topics, including household cleaning. Her present article includes helpful and useful tips on how to efficiently remove red wine stains.


Our NYC Wedding Vendors

We got married on October 7th last year. It was a day that went by so fast, I have no idea what happened. So, it was nice to see what did when we got the pictures last week. In this post I'll share some photos and what vendors we used. We planned the entire wedding ourselves so I can't recommend a planner to you.

The Venue

We got married and had the reception at Remi in Midtown NYC. Remi is an Italian restaurant with Venetian themed murals on the walls and fantastic food. I highly recommend going here for dinner or having a private function. The staff could not have been better. They kept the wine flowing and the coordinator for the day was on top of it all. We got married right outside the dining room in the Atrium, and then had the cocktail hour there, then inside for dinner and dancing.

The Flowers

Our florists were Stacy & Joseph from FLO. She is actually the florist of Remi and that is how we came to find her. She was so great with us because we really did not have flower preferences to begin with so she did a awesome job in helping us discover what we liked.

The Minister

We wanted a minister who would cater to our rather "non-religious"  ideals. We're more spiritual when it comes to nature and karma, so Jeddah had no problem piecing together our ceremony with personal stories, a hand-fasting, and an Apache blessing! Side-note: This is going to sound creepy but in my "wedding dreams" (ha), I had a female minister and she looked exactly like Jeddah. So weird.

The Band

It's all about the dancing at the reception. We wanted a nice mix of classic music, rock and roll, and then full on dance party to end the night. Lapis Luna was the perfect band for the job. A retro yet contemporary group. We're suckers for a bass player! 

The Dress

I will admit that I went to Kleinfeld first, but what a bust! I was clipped into dresses that I could use as a comforter on my bed, so they were the most unflattering things I've ever tried on. As a curvy girl, it was really depressing to be in these bulky ugly things. I wanted to die. But when I went to David's Bridal I was pleasantly surprised with their Vera Wang and Galina Signature collections. They even had sizes that fit me! I went with a flower petally Galina. They were also great in dealing with how late I got my dress. I ordered it only 2 months prior to the date and their first set of alterations were perfect and I brought my dress home just a week before the big day. See... it can be done!

The Shoes

I NEVER wear heels, so it was all about finding the right ballet flats. After checking every shoe department I was at a loss. Then, I found these on Etsy from Remnants By Eva. The perfect match to my petal-like dress.  They were custom made!

The Hair/Make-up King

When it came to hair and make-up I really wanted a person who had experience in print and runway because I think they put together really stunning looks that don't look like "wedding" hair/make-up. Johnny Gonzalez was the man for the job. I will say one thing... my hair did not stay curled but that was not his fault. My hair NEVER stays curled. Until the other day when I discovered a hair straightener keeps my curls in. A HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Wish I knew then.

The Photographer

Peter Forman was our photographer. He captured every detail and really took the time to make each photo absolutely perfect before sending them back our way.

Some other favorite photographs taken in Brooklyn and at the reception.

If you have any questions, please ask! 
I did not post all family/guest photos for personal reasons... in case any family reading this was wondering. I'll email you!