Well, I am finished with my 9 day cleanse. What a challenge... but a good one. I'll first give you a quick overview of Isagenix and then I will get into what I did for this cleanse and my results and overall review of the experience.

Isagenix is a system that combats the toxins in our environment, improves body composition, and slows the aging process. Their products include yummy shakes, snacks, soups, cleansing drinks and coaches to help you along with the process. Many athletes also use Isagenix to improve performance, build lean muscle, and live a healthier lifestyle. Another aspect of Isagenix that makes it so great for the community is that it is a "sharing" business. You yourself, if you love Isagenix, can go out there and encourage people to buy the system and coach all while earning a living. Many people are making a great living selling these products and coaching individuals to become, and more importantly, STAY healthy.

Now onto the cleanse. The cleanse was 9 Days. The first two days were "shake days" which meant I drank the Isagenix shake for 2 meals and then ate one balanced clean meal. A clean meal means vegetables, whole grains like quinoa and lean protein... preferably all Organic. Snacks were to be eaten here and there in between meal times. Then there were two "cleanse days" which consisted of approved snacks, and the "cleanse" drink to sip all day long. This wasn't a laxative but rather a juice like tea and you sip multiple times during the day. It has nutrients in it so while you are not eating much you are still getting vitamins and minerals. The taste grew on me, but at first it tasted like cough syrup! I had to get used to it. Then I had 3 more "shake days" and two more "cleanse" days to finish out the 9 days.

What made this extra challenging was that I came down with a horrible cold on my second cleanse day. I can't really blame the cleanse on getting sick though because just a few days earlier I was on a work trip so I'm sure the plane, weather changes and OT had something to do with it as well. But my coach Veldene was great in suggesting low sodium chicken broth. That saved my life! On this cleanse you should moderately exercise but with my cold I honestly did not do any. It was just too much.

I really enjoyed the shake days because the IsaLean Shake in chocolate is pretty darn good. For this cleanse I only mixed it with water and it was so creamy. I'm actually shocked at how creamy the consistency was. It also has a good taste. Some meal replacement shakes have that "mealy" protein after taste but this did not at all.

The IsaLean Bars are also awesome. I again was shocked at the flavor. No mealy textures or protein tastes... One tasted like oatmeal raisin cookies, and the other had a fudge layer on top so it tasted like a brownie. I'm not exaggerating. They were good!

If you are ever looking to replace a meal with a shake, or eat a protein bar after a workout I highly recommend the Isagenix versions.

There were also these little chocolate wafer like snacks ( to be had throughout the day to curb hunger.) The taste and texture left little to be desired for me but they do EXACTLY what they say on the label which to is help curb appetite and blood sugar spikes. It's a pretty genius little wafer the way it works. A lifesaver in fact on this plan.

Now on to the major results of the cleanse:
1) I lost about 5 pounds in the 9 days
2) While I did not lose any inches I was WAY less bloated after. Clothes were not as tight and my face definitely debloated which was awesome. Yay for cheekbones!
3) I had little to NO gas - amazing
4) I was quite "regular" as well - super amazing
5) I've never had an issue with acne but my skin definitely improved when it came to pores being smaller, and over all clarity and glow. I've stopped wearing foundation and just use concealer and mineral powder to de-shine a bit.
6) Now that I am back to eating I am making better choices
7) I get fuller much faster... my stomach organ maybe shrunk back a bit.

I think for 9 Days those are some very positive and normal results. Nothing too crazy, and what I like most about these changes is that they really gave me the boost to keep going in making better choices moving forward. It doesn't just stop at the 9 Days, this helps clear your mind. I think anyone looking to change up their habits would benefit from this cleanse because it's the jump start you need to get going. It's like lighting a fire under your ass!

Moving forward, I will continue to use the shakes for meal replacement. I've always liked having a shake for breakfast and during the holiday season this will help offset the feasting that will inevitably occur. And I will also adapt keeping snacks on hand (bars, almonds, apples, etc) so as to never be a ravenous cave woman.

A big thank you to Veldene for introducing me to Isagenix. She is an amazing coach. When I had a question she answered immediately, and even if I didn't I always got little notes, tips, and encouragement everyday which was so nice and helpful.

Let me know in the comments if Isagenix sounds like something you'd be interested in, and feel free to ask any other questions about the cleanse!


Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Greetings! You read the title correctly... I am on a 9 Day cleanse courtesy of Isagenix. Isagenix is a system that combats the toxins in our environment, improves body composition, and slows the aging process. Their products include yummy shakes, snacks, cleansing drinks and coaches to help you along with the process. 

I am very excited to take this journey because I am in desperate need of a detox. I am not looking to lose "permanent" weight on this (even though I need to down the road), I am looking to C-L-E-A-N-S-E and jump start a healthier ME. The 9-Day cleanse will consist of 5 shake days where I drink 2 shake meal replacements and eat 1 clean balanced meal. The other 4 days are the hard core cleanse days where I will drink the Isagenix cleansing juices and flush it out. And no, I won't literally "flush" it out. It's not harmful like that. :o)

I am currently on Day 3 (My first Cleanse Day - yikes!) and I will report back next week with my final results of the cleanse and more information on the products. Wish me luck!

To learn a bit more about Isagenix watch this video below. It's also has a very fun and informative introduction to the toxicity in our daily lives... which is one of the main reasons I'm doing this cleanse.


DivvyDown and Party It Up!

Who doesn't love hosting a get together with family and friends? Well, people who are very busy and don't have the time to shop and stock for the party might not love it so much. And lugging a whole lot of party gear (booze) in NYC can get very stressful. Here's where divvydown.com comes into play: *Purchase your wine, beer, snacks, keg accessories, sodas and more on the website and it is all delivered to your door and in time for your party. It's as simple as that. 

One of the best features is their BYOB system. If all of your guests are contributing to the party, then they can just purchase (aka divvy up) the items from your shopping list that you create on the website, and it all gets delivered to you. How easy (and incredibly cool) is that?

If you are even more pressed for time, there are premade packages available so there is even LESS thinking involved. Are you into imported beer? Classy wine and cheese? Cheap beer (you know who you are)? There is also a package that includes a DJ service if you are that snazzy. Check out the full list of packages here!

Just in time for the holidays, there is a great “Friendsgiving” feature for groups of 8 or more. Do you have Thanksgiving with your friends in your tiny apartment and need a little help? For $45 dollars per person, get DivvyDown to get your party started and deliver the holiday goods.

This “Friendsgiving” feast includes:

-A hand selected assortment of delicious wine and beer
-A Gourmet Thanksgiving feast fit for a king
 -Party essentials - cups, plates, utensils, ice etc

I found the website to be incredibly easy to navigate, organized, and the design is cute and sophisticated.

DivvyDown was created and founded by two best friends, the gorgeous Kendall and Torie. Two woman after my own heart because I know just how hard it is to host a gathering when you do not have the resources in NYC. It's like they read my mind! Just two (maybe three - I blocked it out) years ago I made Thanksgiving dinner in my miniature kitchen… I wish I new these girls then! 

Give DivvyDown a try this holiday season or on any occasion down the road.

*you must be 21 years of age to purchase alcohol