Food Prep: Saves Time, Money and Burns Calories

I must admit that not eating gluten is incredibly hard when I'm not the one in charge in the kitchen or when I do not take the time to plan ahead. Luckily some gluten (rye) and dairy (light cottage cheese/cheese) are NOT bothering me at the moment. Anyway... It is so easy to make bad decisions when we don't plan ahead and weigh all options prior. 

Last week, and now this week, I've made a conscious effort to not buy my breakfast and lunch. Meaning it must come from my kitchen, prepared by myself in some way. I'm trying to save money and this was one of the first ideas I had. Next item will be to stop buying clothes, shoes and make-up! I usually perform 1 good kicker of a spree per month. That needs to stop!

I looked to my bank statement to see how much money I usually spend on food. That's the good thing about always using a debit card. You know! I was saddened by how much I relied on buying my food on the spot and prepared by someone else. It adds up like crazy, especially in NYC where a cup of fruit from the salad bar rings in at over 6 dollars (wtf?). In addition, I never know what I want for dinner, so I always end up shopping after work. I'm usually starving at this time, so after I figure out what I want to make, I then buy randomness to tide me over. 

If you are pressed for time, here are some food items/tips that can save you some time and hopefully money, especially when you shop the sales:

Rotisserie Chicken
These set me back about 6 dollars which is around the same price for my favorite brand of raw chicken. Great for salad, dinners, soups, and sandwiches. I usually get 3 light meals out of just 1, and a whole lot of time.

Rotisserie Chicken with cottage cheese, avocado and tomato:

Frozen Fruit and Veggies
No cleaning, no chopping, just throwing in a blender, atop yogurt, or in a stir fry... etc. And you can also freeze fresh fruit yourself. Whenever strawberries are on sale, I buy an extra box and chop/freeze them. Now I'm never out of strawberries and don't find myself in the shop just for them yet still walk out with other nonsense.

Freeze your bananas. I always let bananas go bad. What a waste of good dough. I don't know why. But, you can chop them up and freeze. They actually still stay a little soft, and have the consistency of ice cream. So you can make ice cream is what I'm trying to tell you... just blend bananas with a little coco powder, honey and top with fruit.

Freeze your grapes. If your teeth are not too sensitive this is a great way to eat grapes slower. I don't know about you but I eat these like they are candy and a whole bag is gone in one sitting. But when frozen, it takes longer for me to eat them, and in turn the whole package lasts longer and I'm not buying them as often. Sweet! You can also bring them to the beach for a cold crisp snack... but note, once they thaw they are really mushy.

Frozen strawberry, grape, chia seed, and coconut water smoothie:

Packing Your Lunch
Go for a tupperware with sections so that you are not wasting ziplocks, tinfoils, etc!  I'm always looking for like tops to match like containers and have a hell of a time. But these sectioned containers are easy to store, and they keep your lunch fresh and organized if you are bringing to school or work.

Turkey and avocado spread on rye (the only bread I can eat), cottage cheese and veggies:

And finally a real time saver option... make your breakfast at night! Yes, it's another thing to do at night but then you have much more precious time in the am to have a good breakfast and start the day right. That's where chia seed pudding comes in for me. Throw your fruit on top and you are done, and it feels more special than a yogurt: Recipe Here

I also wrote a post on prepping lunches ahead over the weekend with different salads.

Hope you can use these tips.
Please share your own.
Have a great day.
Is it Friday yet?


Fall Boot Trends

In late August I usually start to think about how I can spruce up my Fall wardrobe with pieces that won't break the bank and that are versatile. The last thing I want to do is add more to my tiny NYC closet when I already have a modest amount to chose from. Shoes are a great way to take your outfits from Summer to Fall, especially beautiful boots. Knee length to ankle, heel to flat, leather to suede, and embellishments to studs, there are so many options when it comes to boots. Do you want practical weather boots or are you just making a statement?


Ankle boots look adorable with skinny jeans. They are also very comfortable, giving your legs/calves freedom and breathing room. They also look great with long or short skirts, and come in heels, wedges and flats.


If you are a sporty gal who usually wears sneakers, why not invest in some sneaker boots? Comfortable, fashionable, and the perfect addition to a look if you are going to a rock concert or talking a long walk in a popular city.


Men aren't the only ones who want to feel like superheroes or badasses. Putting on a long pair of leather boots or a chunky studded pair would make any woman feel like Wonder Woman... or a cool chick from Sons of Anarchy.


Just because it's raining/snowing/freezing, that doesn't mean you can't look fab jumping in puddles. Neons, metallics and fur make these options great for looking hot on cold/bad weather days.

What are your favorite boots for the Fall season?


Simple Clothing Paired with Standout Shoes

Sometimes I just don't know what to wear to work. What's too fancy? What's too casual? How do I "make it work" as Tim Gunn says? Not to mention the fact that by the end of the week the laundry has piled up and all I have left is a white t-shirt and jeans. However, one can make just a simple leftover outfit of a white t-shirt and jeans stand out with a statement shoe. That's really all it takes... if the shoe fits of course!


From animal prints to florals, you really can't go wrong with spicing up a simple solid color outfit with a fun printed shoe. Prints even make sneakers look fashion forward and chic. I'm a sucker for leopard print and geometric shapes.


Are you a  Glamour Gal or a Tough Chick? For me, it all depends on the day. Embellishments really stylize your outfit, and you can also mimic your jewelry to match the gems/studs on your shoes to accessorize and complete the look.


So you have your white t-shirt and jeans on. Kind of boring, not a lot of color... why not really brighten things up with a major pop of color on your feet? Especially with neons, everyone will notice your shoes if they are bright, bold, and screaming, "I'm fabulous!" I love the hot pinks and teals. So girly. So Sassy.

Now don’t go and drop a pretty penny on a whole new shoe collection. 
You never know what might be hiding in your closet.


Shabby Apple Skirt Giveaway!

Time for a giveaway to help you get started on your fall wardrobe. Alongside Shabby Apple, I am giving away this lovely Andes Pencil Skirt. Perfect colors for fall, and it's 100% cotton.

Shabby Apple is a great source for vintage clothing. A girl can get lost in this online shop. So many pretty choices. Here is how to enter the giveaway. ONLY US RESIDENTS MAY ENTER... You have until August 31st. Good luck! Many way to enter EVERYDAY!

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