Dining in Yountville (Napa Valley)

When traveling in Napa Valley the town of Yountville is actually the food mecca of the area, so of course that is where we stayed. My arteries are still recovering but it was worth it. The top restaurants include The French Laundry, Redd, Redd Wood, Ad Hoc, Bistro Jeanty, Bottega, and Bouchon. We were lucky enough to eat at 5 of these wonderful restaurants.


Redd was one of our favorites. We enjoyed the tasting menu with wine pairings. I highly recommend when getting a tasting menu to go for the added wine pairing. It completely enhances the experience. Two dishes even reminded me of my father's holiday recipes. It was like that scene in Ratatouille when the evil Anton has his flashback...

Anyway... back to reality. 
Here are some of the wonderful dishes we enjoyed.


We actually ate at Bistro Jeanty twice. It was the first place we went when we arrived during lunchtime... then as we walked around town we started hearing it was one of the best in town for dinner so we went again! It did not disappoint either time. Authentic French, we had (split over two different meals) lobster bisque, black cod over fava beans, short ribs, sweetbreads, lamb tongue salad (we're adventurous)  and yes, we shared the ratatouille!


Ad Hoc has a different approach to dining... the menu changes every single day and they don't post it until a bit before opening. Very exciting, but not for the picky eater. They have some staple fried chicken nights which they are known for... but we were lucky enough to try their amazing local greens, pork shoulder, and ridiculous sundaes for dessert. Those didn't make it for a photo.

We also ate at Redd Wood and Bouchon but the lighting during these meals was not the best and sometimes we just want to enjoy and not look like total posers. But they were both excellent. The Brussel sprout salad at Redd Wood was the best salad I've ever had, and at Bouchon they had amazing saffron mussels!

If you are traveling in Napa Valley, definitely make Yountville a stop for all your foodie extravaganzas.


Back From Vacation...

Happy Friday! I've been away for the past week for a wedding in San Francisco and then a mini vacation in Napa Valley. It was a really wonderful time, but I am so tired. I need some vacation time from the vacation. I'll be back soon with pictures and tips on traveling in Napa. Definitely gathered some great information while there that I would have loved to have known before going... lucky you!
Have a great weekend.


Cardstore.com Review

Usually when I go to buy a card for a birthday, holiday, etc I am stuck staring at all the cards in the aisle and have a hard time deciding on what is right for my occasion. Then came Cardstore.com. While at first I was overwhelmed with the amount of cards they offer, I then realized how amazing it was to have everything at the click of a button. 

The ability to change messages and write your own is another amazing feature because sometimes what is written in a card is just not how you truthfully would say it to the person.

And then, adding your own pictures! How fun! Love personalizing cards but my head also started spinning about how cool it would be to take all of my photos from Africa (especially the big cats) and make greeting cards or thank you cards with them. You could also take all of your favorite pictures from traveling, food, etc and build your own collection and give as gifts to friends and family.

I decided to make a cute little card with a picture of my husband and me on our honeymoon. The quality is great, and I even scaled down my picture when I uploaded it.

The interface itself on Cardstore.com was very easy to use. I found it to be quite intuitive and the design itself is very cute and clean. Need some Halloween cards? Head on over now to get started.

What cards will you make?