Pretty Zesty?

Well, it's official. Behold the Metatron will soon become Pretty Zesty. I am writing this post now, because the journey I'm about to take in changing this url is going to be painful. I am dreading it; all this html code and domain nonsense... but it has to be done!

Please take into consideration that the blog may go offline during the process, will look awkward, won't be there, etc. I'm hoping it will all be settled in the next coming weeks but it will not be like ripping off a band aid. Once I get the domain down the creative will come next. I'm tackling the real beast first!

So this is my official heads up... the new url will be www.prettyzesty.com soon.
See you all on the flip side!

Bye bye!

21-Day Tummy Diet Winner!

And the winner is...
Steph B!! 
Congrats... look out for an email shortly.

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48 Hrs in Washington D.C

This past weekend we took a quick trip to Washington D.C. I had never been, so was very excited to take in the sights of the Capitol. Like the government, there were some highs and lows. :o)

First and foremost I need to complain about the Big Bus Tour. Maybe it was the fact that is was 10 degrees outside, but on what planet is it ok for tour buses to take either 30-40 minutes to reach a stop, AND have passengers waiting at random stops for 20-30 minutes? I'm not talking waiting on the bus to leave from the main station, I'm talking waiting 20 minutes at the Lincoln Memorial... This was beyond painful people. And the doors to the buses were not always shut while waiting. Did I mention it was 10 degrees? It was $120 for the two of us for the 48 hour tickets - complete sham. We were better off taking the metro, cabs, or dare I say walking in the freezing cold. It's better than just standing in it right? And the tour recording and tour guides have some really lame jokes up their sleeves... Did I mention it was 10 degrees?

My best two pictures of the city were taken by foot. We were lucky enough to get on buses with GEICO ads covering the windows so there was some nice texture blocking the view. Smirk.

It's a really cool city full of history. It's super spread out so you either need nice weather to walk it, or transportation that actually transports.

We went to a few museums. I can't say I was overly impressed with the American History Museum. It felt really random and fake. Some exhibits were cool, and others I completely zoned out and forgot where I was. Throughout the Edison exhibit, Nicola Tesla was only mentioned on one small plaque. What we are told is the most important when it comes to American History amazes me - anyway - The Natural History Museum was better. I liked the exhibit on evolution. It was cool and crazy at the same time. Amazing how quickly we evolved. I of course took pictures of the fake cats...

My favorite museum was the National Archives. It was pretty surreal to see the actual Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution. All very weathered, but amazing. We were lucky that it was so cold because usually the line is out the door to see these. Obviously no pictures because it can damage the parchment. The handwriting is so memorizing from this time. All of these documents had such care when they were being written. It's almost as if the passion from the penmanship is mimicking the passion of the founders. Ha - I'm so insightful...

And finally some food photos. We had some pretty decent food here. This was sort of a business trip so we dug in when we could. Our first meal was at Juniper at our hotel. Pricey fare, but if you are in the mood for steak it is very tasty. I made the decision to have a steak the moment I got on the train for D.C. in NYC so it hit the spot. Side note: They have their own beehives...

A late lunch stop for us was at Bayou near the hotel. We are suckers for New Orleans, so this was right up our alley.

A great hotel to stop in for tea or a beer at the bar is The Willard Washington. All of the top folk in government from all over the world stay here. Back in the day, at the Round Robin and Scotch Bar off the lobby, the likes of Abraham Lincoln could be found there making deals. We just popped in for some sliders and a beer. And the nuts that they keep pouring in front of you are the devil.

the Devil's Nuts
We would definitely visit D.C. again. Now that we've done most of the touristy things that we wanted to, we might want to come here during the Cherry Blossom festival. That way we can get our site-seeing in in nicer weather.


Blog Update - MAJOR Changes Coming!

There are going to be some major changes going on in the next month. Look out for a new name, new URL redirect, and much more. Behold the Metatron was born in 2009, and now it's time for me to recharge its batteries with a fresh look and objective. The old posts will still be here (if I don't totally mess up this new domain process)... so wish we luck and stay tuned. I'm so excited even my pancakes are smiling!


GIVEAWAY: 21-Day Tummy Diet Book

I'm sure the new year has brought in a slew of resolutions for you... perhaps one of them being getting back into shape? I have a great giveaway for a book that can help you on your journey. Here's how to enter... read more below about the book to get excited. Winner announced on January 31st!

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The 21-Day Tummy diet is all science, but don't turn your head away from me yet. This is science that is incredibly interesting and makes all the sense in the world when it comes to our stomachs and digestive tracts. These days I've been having major stomach problems... even just last night on New Year's Eve I thought I wasn't going to make it to dinner because I was in pain, in the fetal position, and on the floor of the bathroom. And I was sober!

Back to the book and how it can help you... (and me)...

We love to eat but that doesn't mean our stomachs always enjoy digesting what we put in them. Add to this the fact that our nation is heavier than it's ever been, and it's clear that our tummies don't just need to function better, they need to be smaller. In general, smaller stomachs digest food more effectively, and that's why dropping the pounds isn't just a matter of vanity but of health.
Featuring carb-light, anti-inflammatory foods, the 21-Day Tummy eating plan slashes inches from your belly (up to 4 ½ inches!) while banishing gas and bloating, heartburn and acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
In addition, 21-Day Tummy includes:
  • 50 scrumptious recipes such as Tomato-Ginger Flank Steak and Almost Pumpkin Mini Pies.
  • A Digestion Quiz to help you measure your overall digestive health
  • Tips on how to combat the Four S's -- Supersizing, Sitting, Stress, and Sleep Deprivation.
  • Inspirational stories and advice from our successful test panelists. Our top tester dropped 19 pounds in 21 days and completely stopped taking medications for acid reflux.
  • An optional equipment-free workout plan that helps to both sculpt and soothe your belly with a mix of core strengthening, walking, and yoga.
  • Guidelines on how to incorporate potentially problematic foods back into your life so you are never deprived of your favorite foods.
21-Day Tummy is a fun, easy guide to healthy eating that will have a smaller, healthier you feeling better than, well, possibly ever!

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