Product Review: Louisville Vegan Jerky

I saw a few Vegans on YouTube eating the Louisville Vegan Jerky and thought I should try it if they are raving so much about it. Honestly, I was never a big fan of regular Jerky. I would try it from time to time (and liked it) but it was never something I bought routinely. My husband loves regular Jerky so I thought this would be a fun little experiment to see how we both felt about the Vegan option.

*Disclaimer. This is NOT a paid or sponsored post. I asked Louisville Vegan Jerky on their website if I could try and blog about the product with an honest review.

Here is a video about the company:

We were sent these three flavors from their DECEMBER 2015 Vegan Jerky of the Month Club box.
We tried the Bourbon Smoked/Black Pepper, Bourbon Smoked/Chipotle, and then the special monthly flavor of Gochujang BBQ Kimchi. The base of all of their jerkies is soy protein. They are also Gluten Free, Non GMO Certified, and Vegan.

Here are all 3 up close and personal... and in order of enjoyment. Overall the texture of them was pretty consistent. Not too chewy and a bit tender. My husband, the jerky fan, said it tasted like really good jerky and the consistency was good however he could tell it was not real meat because it was not as "fibrous" as regular meat jerky is. Like dry shredded meat I think.

Gochujang BBQ Kimchi
This was our favorite. So tasty. Spicy, sweet, hints of lime. It was SO good.

Bourbon Smoked/Black Pepper
Great smokey taste. The pepper was not overpowering. Overall this one felt rather traditional in flavor.

Bourbon Smoked/Chipotle
Even though this was our least favorite of the 3 it was still really good. A bit of a kick with the Chipotle compared to the Black Pepper version. Not as sweet either.

Overall, we liked the combination of salt/sweet/spicy/tang of the Kimchi version the most. If you are looking for a healthier Jerky or just turned Vegan and Jerky was your go to snack before you made the switch I think this is the snack for you! Here is the Store Locator to purchase!