Election 2016 Tarot Reading

I have a confession to make. Last night, around 10PM, I pulled a tarot card because I was confused about the way the election was rolling out. Let’s not make this a political post, I’m just telling you how I personally felt. Well, I pulled the JUDGEMENT card. AKA Judgement Day, AKA Spiritual Awakening. The card even has an Angel playing a TRUMPET. Time to wake up, consider past actions, and be judged. You get the idea. You’ve probably heard of Judgement Day. Honestly, it can go either way, positive or negative depending on the reader and receiver of this information.

This morning, I pulled a Past, Present, Future reading to further my exploration of times to come. Here’s what I think about what was revealed to me.

This card features the Archangel Michael, the protector who offers spiritual help and guidance. My card technically features the image of a woman but it still means the same thing. The water in her cups flow upward and downward – performing alchemy and magic – which is needed to reconcile all the demands upon us. Temperance reveals a potentially volatile situation that is in need of your thoughts to be tempered, and actions proceeded with balance and harmony. Blend both opposing forces to create a united and inspired solution. Accept both sides, be hands-on, and embrace the spiritual journey.

Let’s first look at the card itself. A crowned female is sitting on a thrown. She is the High Priestess, the Judge! She represents positive outcome. It’s a time where past errors and imbalances can be redressed. This Judgement comes from both sides. YOU may be judged by others, and in order to benefit from a fair system, you must show up, be honest, be accountable, and deserving. Also, you might be the judge of your own life. Use integrity and perspective, and your future outcomes may be in your favor. Justice also shows the workings of karma and consequences. Check yourself!

The Six of Cups recalls our childhood and happy memories. We may reconnect with the past and/or happy times. It represents kindness, compassion, and if you’ve been suffering from ill treatment, your situation may improve. The number 6 represents peace. The past will return to help the present.

Friends, I hope this gave you hope if you are feeling hopeless. If you're on cloud nine, remember to think of your fellow man and woman, and offer them peace, love and kindness no matter what.


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