Vegan/Plant Based in NEW ORLEANS

Just got back from a trip to New Orleans during Jazzfest and very happy to say there was vegan/plant-based food everywhere. Not only do most restaurants have dishes clearly marked as vegan, there were also many accommodations right there on the menus. I didn't have to ask for special treatment anywhere. I actually thought it was easier than eating in NYC! There was just one place that was terrible, a seafood place. All I could do was fries and a really rancid plate of iceberg lettuce. Be careful with seafood places  - the veggies are cooked with the fish a lot of the time. I used the Happy Cow app a lot to find places.

So here is the food!

At Jazzfest there were a ton of options. Vegan New Orleans on Facebook does a post every year on the options so I just followed it. So easy, and delicious. I stuck with rice and beans, fried green tomatoes (no sauce) and also had some Middle Eastern food on the 3 days we were there. The Middle Eastern food from Mona's we actually had at the restaurant later so those photos are below.

Bennachin is a West African restaurant in the French Quarter. I got the Jama Jama, which was sauteed spinach, plantains, and coconut rice. They do not use butter in these. Their food was at Jazzfest!

Three Muses had a few veggie options on the menu. I went for the roasted veggie salad and the tofu bowl. The tofu was super tasty! We also had the fries (ask for no feta) which were so good, they did not make the picture.  It's small plate style but the tofu bowl is rather large considering. Three Muses is great for music too. Make reservations!

We go to Envie all the time for coffee (they have almond and soy milk) and I was able to veganize the veggie panini. Just ask for no cheese/pesto/butter and you are good to go! Ask for a side a fruit as well because the potato and pasta salad have eggs and cheese.

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen was perfect - sometimes a New Yorker just needs her pizza - and they have Daiya cheese. Sold! You can veganize quite a few pizzas.

Mona's Cafe & Deli is a great Middle Eastern place on Frenchman. So many plant-based options it's ridiculous - just be careful of dairy! We had hummus, pita, baba ganuj, falafel, tabouli, salad, and grape leaves.

And finally, Seed. This is a legit plant-based restaurant that serves up a lot of traditional New Orleans flare. We had gumbo, artichoke/hearts of palm cakes (like crab cakes but better), mac n' cheese, and a hummus plate.